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The Paseo de San Pedro in Llanes

A sea of ​​sensations

The Paseo de San Pedro in Llanes

A sea of ​​sensations

The Paseo de San Pedro is one of the nerve centers of the town of Llanes. At least it is for the visitor, surprised after finding a viewpoint of this nature a few meters from the town.

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It offers us a panorama that largely summarizes the most Asturian landscape: the Cantabrian Sea that spreads everywhere, the coastal cliff on which we walk and whose profiles continue on the horizon (specifically from the fort of Póo to the tip of Suances if the day is clear), the northern cordillera behind us and a seaside town with a beach included-a coquette among rocks-at our feet. A unique balcony which is at the same time an anti-stress space, with its mantle of well-kept Asturian grass on which we could walk barefoot along its kilometer of route.

How to get to Paseo San Pedro

Access to the promenade does not present special difficulties and it's easy to locate visually. It can be reached either by surrounding the historic center on your left or by skirting the town by its fishing port until you reach the beach of Sablón. From there, some stairs ascend to the walk itself. Immediately we appreciate its magic and we resort to the camera or the mobile to immortalize the moment. Is this one of the most photographed places in the region. It also arouses the interest of film cameras, as Garci himself shot here a scene from his movie "Story of a kiss."

It was built in the XIX century, more specifically in the 1847 year, with the idea of ​​providing a place of recreation to the neighborhood. The work was last in good part with the arrival of capitals of Indian emigrants. It is clear that the choice of the place was ideal, because in addition to strictly comply with its role of recreation, is nowadays one of the largest tourist attractions in the town. Other of its virtues are to serve as a stage for romanticism, nostalgia, contemplation and self-absorbed calm. Far away is its tough mission as a defensive watchtower against the enemy or as a strategic place for whale watching.

There are few decorative elements along this walk, something that confers a tone of solitude to the place and that allows us extend the view without obstacles Just a few benches to sit on and tiny trees whose shapes can be disturbing if the horizon turns black. It is about a dozen fragile tamarinds planted in the last quarter of the nineteenth century and that today cling to the earth and seem to feed on the eyes of visitors.

Thanks to this natural catwalk, about eight meters wide, we observe in detail the wall of the medieval city, with its characteristic tower and the most important churches. On one side, the small fishing port of the fishing village and a peculiar perspective of «The cubes of memory», the work in which Agustín Ibarrola captured his concept of art on the jetty of the port. Immediately behind the houses, the imposing Sierra de Cuera seems to be two steps from the sea with its peaks of almost 2.000 meters high. After her, weather permitting, the Picos de Europa peek to crown the panoramic.

The walk is integrated into the most general of the coastal path of Llanes, which crosses the entire municipality, has now been extended from the original 300 meters to almost a kilometer in length to connect with the course of this path that continues its march to the west, on the way to San Antolín beach.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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