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Enjoy Holy Week

Enjoy Holy Week

Enjoy Holy Week

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    Holy Week in Asturias calls many popular demonstrations in many towns and villages of the Principality. Accompanying the processions, the steps, and the faithful who take the streets, there is a good number of parallel festivities of a profane nature, as well as a wide variety of gastronomic menus associated with these dates, and another good amount of activities of a playful nature and folklore that make Holy Week more attractive in the region.

    With regard to religious celebrations, Avilés takes the palm and adds seven brotherhoods with their respective processional steps that run through the streets of the town between Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday. In Gijón, whose Holy Week dates back to the seventeenth century, highlights the image of his images, recovered after the civil war. In Villaviciosa It is said that celebrates the oldest Holy Week of all Asturias. The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno composed by more than 2000 cofrades is the center of all religious acts. Luarca It enjoys some of the most multitudinous and devout processions of the Asturian West. In the parish of Besullo, Cangas del Narcea, an ancestral tradition is kept alive. On Holy Saturday, before midnight arrives, a bonfire called Fumaza is lit. All the congregants dance and dance around it throughout the night. This dance, more profane than religious, is accompanied by the tasting of bocho, a sweet bread that is handmade by this time. In Ribadesella, in the Asturian East, highlights its spectacular Via Crucis maritime on Friday night, with the burning of crosses, and its famous Horse Race on the Beach of Santa Marina that same morning.

    Complete the range of Asturian locations where Holy Week is celebrated with great eye-catching: Oviedo, Santa Maria de LLas (Cabrales), Cangas de Narcea, Cangas de Onis, Covadonga (Cangas de Onis), Grade, Lastres (Colunga), Llanes, Luanco (Gozón), Miranda (Avilés), Pravia, Nava, Salas, Tapia de Casariego, Villanueva de Oscos and Piantón (Vegadeo).

    Easter Monday and Tuesday Holy Week continues in Avilés and Pola de Siero, with its massive celebrations declared of Regional Tourist Interest. The Bollu Festival in Avilés, on Easter Monday, is a gastronomic event and an exaltation of Asturian folklore and costume. The Fiesta de los Huevos Pintos, on Easter Tuesday in Pola de Siero, is a festival in which the streets are filled with stalls that sell eggs painted in watercolor, inks, lamps, with regional motifs, allusive to politics, comic ... Fiesta is very populous and consists of strolling around, giving away eggs, going to cider houses and folixa.

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