'Dinosaurs: Eggs and Babies' in the MUJA

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The Jurassic Museum of Asturias this summer gives us to know one of the most unknown aspects of dinosaurs: their reproduction and family behavior. The expo 'Dinosaurs: Eggs and Babies. Encounter with the past 'can be visited until the September 30 and exhibited for the first time in Europe after his tour of the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Mexico.

The exhibit has replicas of dinosaur nests and eggs from virtually all parts of the world, carnivores and herbivores, and reproductions of complete and articulated skeletons of dinosaurs. The show also invites the audience to play: To touch a real dinosaur fossil femur and replicas of sauropod eggs, ornitópodos or theropods, and features interactive elements like games of questions and answers or a puzzle to form a dinosaur bone. It is also completed with audiovisuals and illustrations of certain aspects in the life of dinosaurs.

But the central figure of the exhibition is "Baby Louie", replica of the almost complete skeleton of a dinosaur embryo with all its bones aligned in their correct position. Charlie Magovern of The Stone Company made this discovery at 1993 when he was cleaning a group of eggs from China. The embryo received this nickname by photographer Louie Psihoyos of National Geographic.

In addition, on July 19, 20 and 21 will be held a special visit to the exhibition with theatrical touches, in which the public will be able to see the incubators live and witness the "birth" of one of these fascinating reptiles. This activity will be done on Friday 19, at 18: 30 hours; and Saturday 20 and Sunday 21, at 13: 00 and 18: 30 h, and has a free overall cost of 2 euros, of 1 euro for children 4 to 11 years and members of Club Culture Asturias, and for children up to 3 years. Places are limited, so it is essential to preorder in the email or phone 902 306 600.

'Dinosaurs: Eggs and Babies. Encounter with the past 'you can visit the temporary exhibition hall of the Museum 31 daily until August, and Wednesday through Sunday during the month of September.

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