Typical Asturian desserts

We are very llambiones

There is no doubt that Asturians like sweet, proof of this is the large number of sweet desserts with which we finish meals in Asturias.
We will make a tour of many of them and we will give you the two recipes of perhaps the most emblematic desserts of Astrian gastronomy: rice with milk and frixuelos.

Photos: Kike Llamas.

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Here we detail the most characteristic:
The borrachinos (crumb of bread with egg), the fried milk (with sugar and soaked in white wine), the casadiellas (sweet dumplings stuffed with walnuts, sugar and anise), the carbayones of Oviedo (puff pastry stuffed with almonds and covered with icing) and the panchón (kernel of spelled bread with butter and sugar that is fried and crumbled before serving, typical of Aller).

We also mention the known ones charlots of Gijón (cakes made with base and background of biscuits covered with chocolate and candied cherries), the marañuelas of Candás and Luanco (characteristic sweet cookies), the maravilles of Avilés (sweet bread), Paserine councils (typical of Mieres) and the almond cake (similar to the Santiago cake, made with puff pastry or sweet broken dough and filled with a mixture of egg, almond and syrup).

· The frixuelos

Frixuelos are also called pancakes, crepes... in other places but they are practically the same, sweet or salty, the base of their elaboration is the same. Our frixuelos are sweet crepes made of milk, egg, flour and sugar. They are typical dessert in times close to Carnival or Antroxu. There are people who fill them with creams, cream, hot chocolate and a variety of fillings that make them rise in calories.

Ingredients of frixuelos

· 200 flour gr
· 4 eggs
· 1 / 2 milk lt
· 2 tablespoons of sugar

Recipe of frixuelos

1- Put all the ingredients in a container.
2- Mix with the blender so that no lumps remain and let it stand for at least 1 hour.
3- Stir a bit with a spoon, if it is better wood.
4- Heat a non-stick pan with a little butter and put a tablespoon of the dough.
5- It is spread on the pan creating a thin layer. It gilds on both sides.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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