Descent of the Sella in Canoe

To lower the Sella

To lower the Sella

The Descent of the Sella is something more than the central celebration of the Asturian summer, it is also a popular test From the spring until the end of autumn, thousands and thousands of fans from all over the world practice in solid canoes, specially prepared to withstand a competition that lasts for months.

One thing is the International descent of the Sella and another is the Descent of the Sella by canoe . The latter encourages the first year, nourishes athletes and enthusiasts of the test, preparing everyone for a massive party in which the elite paddlers, those representatives in the form of the fans will be protagonists. from the river.

Make the descent of the Sella by canoe It is very affordable to the pocket and to the state of form of each one. There are also the extra motivations: enjoy the scenery, take the opportunity to go for a dip, improvise a fluvial picnic or, if you like, take it to heart and look for rivals who want to get off as quickly as possible.

Prices of the Descent of the Sella

The price average per person ranges between 18 € and 23 €, depending on the time of the year in which we are. Downloading as a group or booking online usually involves a discount in the tariffs of the adventure sports companies.

Route of the Descent of Sella

The Descent lasts between 4 and 6 hours. They are 15 Km -between the bridge of Arriondas and the town of Llovio (Ribadesella)- Of great beauty.

The first step is to go to the offices of these companies. In their changing rooms we change our clothes and we stock up on the shovels, the bag of food, the water and a watertight hermetic boat to keep everything we decide to accompany us in the expedition. The boat should also be used to store the waste of our trip, Polluting the Sella is not allowed.

Once the monitors They wait for us next to the river. They indicate us how should we move the oars to correctly steer the canoe, and some other basic questions such as explaining that even knowing how to swim is very important to always wear the life jacket.

When everything is ready the adventure begins ... Little by little we are learning to manage with the canoe. We went through the first fast: The Root. It's a quick simple. Then come the ravine of La Remolina, the fork and rabion of Fuentes, the backwater of the Pozo del Arco, the rabion of Picu la Vieya ... We reached the height of Toraño. In a backwater under the bridge, everyone usually takes the opportunity to take a dip in calm waters and replenish forces on the banks.

The after-dinner is not excessive and we continue towards the Cantabrian Sea. Soon we arrived at the Rabion of the Devil, one of the most spectacular points of the river. The water takes strength between the rocks. It does not represent any danger since the river is not very deep in this area, but the vest must be worn.

Then we will go through The Requexada, the longest straight line of our route, one of the privileged points to follow the evolution of the International Descent. We will reach the dam of Santianes and we will vibrate again because the river reawakens for a while. And little by little we are reaching the end. On the banks of Llovio the monitors wait to pick us up and lead us back to the changing rooms.

The Sella River

The full course of this famous river, about 60 kilometers has opened in the nature other adventure possibilities. The landscape in its vicinity is very appropriate for this. In the high areas of the river we can enjoy canyoning or caving. A little lower, in Cangas de Onis, we get fully into the landscape of the Picos de Europa and its possibilities of routes on foot or in 4 x 4; The course of the river in this section is more appropriate for rafting. Further down, in Arriondas, if we have already climbed the canoe we can start hiking, touring the impressive Sierra del Sueve. In Ribadesella, already on the coast, in the middle of the Sella river, we should dare to nautical sports or get on a quad or a horse; discover the coastal rasas, the valleys and the surrounding mountains, the beaches ...

The river in many of its zones is also the most appropriate for the sport of fishing, and the Asturian salmon It is one of his most coveted treasures.

Almost everything is possible in this privileged region that the Sella decided to travel thousands of years ago to make it easy and encourage us to do some sports.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.3895798 Length: -5.1824141
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