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From beach to beach by Llanes

From beach to beach by Llanes

From beach to beach by Llanes
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    This summer 2019 Llanes will offer again the bus service that will connect several beaches and the town of Nueva with the beach of Cuevas del Mar.

    • Llanes-Posada Route: will work daily from 6 from July to 8 from September. The buses will complete an itinerary that will depart from the Llanes station and continue through the towns of Poo, Celoriu, Borizu, Barru, Niembru, Bricia and Posada, round trip. The estimated total duration per trip is half an hour, with a step frequency of one hour.

    This tour will allow users to serve part of the busiest beaches of the municipality and, by connecting the two most inhabited nuclei of the council, also meet the mobility needs of tourists and neighbors.

    • New Route - Cuevas del Mar Beach: This route will work in a very similar way to previous years. It will start on Saturday 6 in July and during this month it will be operational only on weekends. It will be starting next Monday 29 in July when this line will start operating every day uninterrupted until the September 8. The frequency of passage will be every half hour.

    When: from the 6 of July to the 8 of September 2019.

    Enjoy the beach!

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