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Cave Exhibition of Cabrales cheese

Trip to the center of Cabrales

Cave Exhibition of Cabrales cheese

Trip to the center of Cabrales

One of the visits that can not be overlooked is the Cuevas Exposición del Cabrales. A long journey through the habits and customs of an entire community, and one of his inimitable cheese hobbies. A hobby, at the same time the foundation of an entire local economy, which is beautifully represented in a natural cave, with the colorful embolism of the cabraliega sociology.

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Cabrales cheese is well worth a tribute like this, in the form of a living museum and ethnographic teaching. It is difficult to highlight the virtues of this dairy without referring to the shepherds of the Picos and the people in general of these lands, since theirs is the tradition, from the time cattle graze in the mountains until the rennet matures in the cavernous cracks of this limestone and wild region.

Why visit the Cave-Museum

The most popular cheese of Asturias is explained in an underground journey of unique character. The cave is located on the outskirts of the town of Arenas, on the right bank of the road that leads to Poncebos, on the banks of the emblematic Cares River, at the very doors of the National Park. The first thing we find is the Perfect replica of a typical mountain cabin, and it is not by chance, but because under these rustic roofs it is where the flame of custom and cheese-making began and is still alive. In it, the first stages of the development of Cabrales take place. We discovered in the household goods and utensils that everything has a magical alpine vocation, in which the cattle occupies a singular throne, because their careful and native nutrition is basic so that the milk has cabraliego name. The cabin also presents its dimension as a place of housing and hard work in the sheepfolds.

The route can be followed by free, following the explanatory panels and the graphic material inside the cave, or during a guided tour, perfectly illustrated, which lasts approximately half an hour. The story pormerizado goes desgranando the names and the purpose of each of the elements used in the development of Cabrales: pots (to heat the milk), «cuayar» (stomach of a suckling kid that once dried in the fire and after macerating for two days secretes a liquid called rennet), the beech wooden spoon used to cut the «cuayada» obtained by pouring the rennet into the milk, "Arniu" (mold for the pieces of cheese), letter or wooden sign that is introduced under the mold to mark the cheese and differentiate it in the ripening cave, "canastra" (basket of oval shape covered with fern where cheeses are deposited to transport them to the cave)…

Names and phases of the work become confused in a unique semantics, which ultimately refers constantly to a popular essence, that which has the double virtue of illusioning the cabraliegos by the product obtained, and of astonishing the palates of half the world after the product consumed. A correspondence that has one of its main channels of communication in the second part of this museum cave, a totemic corner, the most natural and collected temple of cheese, which we discovered by raising our heads, in a narrow gallery of sparse light, maturing on hardwood shelves. In this hollow the texture of the cheese and the walls of the cavern seem to evolve towards a perfect harmony in colors and reliefs.

Before, however, someone will have explained to us the previous work in the dairies, both in the traditional cheese factories, as in the most modern ones, in which the instruments have been renewed to adapt to the health requirements. The latter have their replica inside the cave, and they highlight the modern machinery to keep the milk at the right temperature; a large metal tank where the rennet is poured to obtain the curd which, in turn, will be cut with a kind of metallic lyre so that it is detached from the whey. Now the "arnios" are made of plastic.

The aim of this museum initiative, which comes from the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin and manages the Foundation for the Promotion and Dissemination of Cabrales Cheese is, as has been said, to publicize all the convergent aspects of Cabrales cheese: cultural, gastronomic, ethnographic and physical; that are the ones that round off this exquisite product of so much ancestry and so deserved world-wide fame. If you have occasion to travel in time in this way and return to the present with more knowledge of home, and more criteria to properly savor this historical cheese.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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Arenas de Cabrales, s / n
33550, Cabrales

Contact phone number : 985 84 67 02

Open winter, check visiting hours.
Spring-summer open every day.
Opening times: from 10: 00 to 14: 00 hours and evenings from 16: 00 to 20: 00 hours. The last visit is always 45 minutes before the closing time.
Prices: adult 4,50 €, child 3,00 € and group 3,50 € previous reservation.

More information: Cabrales Cheese Exposition Cave

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