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Cave of Tinganón

The adventure of Tinganón

Cave of Tinganón

The adventure of Tinganón

The entrance of the Cave in the town of Llovio, Ribadesella, is preceded by a lush landscape.

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We ascend through a dense forest and in our journey, little by little, the stone formations emerge. In the middle of the vegetation, and already close to the cave, we walked through an extension of medium-sized stones, a huge limestone meadow that speaks of the virulence that the waters of the Tinganón can achieve in times of flood. Over the centuries the river has been depositing these stones outside the cave, around a blind and deep valley still loaded with grove.

Further on the roquedal becomes steeper and steeper. They are large blocks, disproportionate steps to reach the immense entrance to the Tinganón cave on its northern slope. This steep, canyon-like access translates into our first noteworthy effort. We are going up and we already guess that the adventure promises and that the spectacular nature of the Tinganón will be a great reward.

From the entrance, traversing the mountain requires a minimum of security and adequate equipmentFor this reason, it is best to resort to the help of the adventure companies of the area. With this extra help any person not expert in caving can face this challenge and admire carefully the lesser-known areas of the mountain: its entrails.

We will be ready to go through the helmet with helmets, carbide equipment and neoprene wetsuits. Valley of Peme, place that we will reach once we have crossed the Sierra de Escapa underground.

How is the tour of the Tinganón cave?

The round trip takes between two and three hours, and from the beginning it does not leave you indifferent. The spectacular dimensions of the entrance, the stalactites and stalagmites, the green leafyness that seeps into the cave itself ... the vision of all this makes the first half-hour journey down the side of the mountain worthwhile.

From the very beginning we also discovered that the cavity is very influenced by the external climate due to its two large access points, such as two giant windows wide open, causing appreciable air currents in many areas of the journey.

The water course inside it is another of the Tinganón's hallmarks. Although the flow is much more considerable in rainy weather, water accompanies us all the way and it will help us to refresh ourselves from the effort. Many of the narrow corridors that run between the cave walls reach a significant depth of water, we will also see waterfalls, we will slide down small slideswe will go through tunnels and we will discover lagos inside.

In total we will face a little unevenness, just 65 meters along its kilometer of travel. The cave also descends at some point but the height of its roof is almost always constant: about 50 meters high. As far as the width, relaxed in the majority of the passage, it becomes narrow in concrete points, channels that in this case do not surpass the meter or the two meters to the width.

We will also practice climbing in the last stretch, to reach an overwhelming panorama from the exit to the valley. We see an arch of about 60 meters high. A dimension similar to the width of this enormous natural perforation in which it begins to dominate again the exterior vegetation, sneaking through all the cracks, in the eagerness of this small mountain range to adorn the doors to its karst interiors.

Go abroad It requires more care, because the last section is narrow and slippery.

Recommendations of the Tinganón route

A series of recommendations must be taken into account: traversing the mountain requires a minimum of security and adequate equipment -mountaineering clothes and shoes, water, flashlights ... - that's why the best thing is to resort to the help of adventure companies of the area and enjoy a day without frights.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.4364662 Length: -5.0386047
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