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Cudillero: basic information

Cudillero: basic information

What to see and do, where to sleep, beaches ... Cudillero

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What to see and do, where to sleep, beaches ... Cudillero

Cudillero is a council with a population of about 6.500 inhabitants, dedicated to agriculture, livestock, fisheries and services. Currently, tourism is an activity in frank progress. The town of Cudillero, capital of the council, is a town of fishing line.

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It came to have the most important fleet in Asturias and one of the most important in the Cantabrian. In the area of ​​San Martín de Luiña, in the so-called valley or quarter of the Luiñas, the main activity is still farming. It is worth mentioning the area of ​​the brañas for being the cradle of vaqueiros de alzada.
Located on the central-western coast of the Principality, it borders on the west with Valdés, on the south with Salas and Pravia, and on the east with Muros del Nalón.

How to get there

It has good communication routes, both by rail and by road: it can be accessed from Oviedo in a little more than 30 minutes by the N 632 motorway, it is only 10 kilometers from Asturias airport.


Gijón to 51 km.
Avilés to 26 km.
Airport 10 km.

Brief History

Historians say that the first settlers of the capital were fishermen from other ports on the Cantabrian coast or from farther seas that arrived escaping from the Normans. The shape of the port, in the form of an elbow or knuckle, could well have given the name to the town. In any case, the human settlement in the council goes back to the prehistory, with the discovery of carved chants and varied instrumental in Salamir and La Atalaya, belonging to the parishes of San Martín de Luiña and Santa María de Piñera, respectively.
In the municipality have been inventoried conco castros pre-Romanesque: La Garita, in Riego Arriba, La Cavona, in Lamuño, El Curión in Santa María de Piñera and El Castro, located in Peñedo.
Much of the Cudillero council was under the feudal power of the Omaña for about three hundred years (from XIII to XVI). A rather despotic domain that led to constant confrontations and lawsuits.
During the feudal period, the fishermen formed their guild. From here came sailors to the coasts of Flanders, England, Scotland or Portugal, and many were involved in the siege of Gibraltar and the campaigns of conquest of Seville and Florida.
The Modern Age confirms the villa pixueta as one of the main fishing centers of Asturias. The refurbishment of the port began in 1787 and, according to Jovellanos, cost real 400.000. The oldest building in the capital pixueta is the Capilla del Humilladero, Gothic from the 13th century, although what is still preserved today is only part of the primitive chapel, which was always linked to the devotions of the seafaring families.
At the end of the 19th century, the Palace of the Selgas in El Pito (place bordering the town of Cudillero), a palace complex, gardens and pavilions designed by the illustrious archaeologist Fortunato Selgas, which today is known as the Asturian Versailles.

What to see and do in Cudillero

The road to Santiago
La Concha beach in Artedo
Beach of Silence
Aguilar Beach
Cadavedo beach
The Palace of the Selgas.


Cape Vidio.
Routes Vaqueiras


L'Amuravela, 29 of June, Cudillero.
San Pedro, 29 of June, Cudillero.
San Pablo, 30 of June, Cudillero.
San Pablín, 1 of July, Cudillero.
Pilgrimage of Santa Ana, Cudillero.
Los Dolores, third Sunday of September, San Martín de Luiña.
Santiago, 25 of July, Novellana.
San Roque, 16 of August, Ballota and Oviñana.
San Marcos, 26 in April, San Cosme.

Markets and festivals

Weekly market, every Friday in Cudillero.
Competition-exhibition of livestock 11 November in San Martín de Luiña.
Gastronomic Festival of the Pinchu Hake, in June, Cudillero.
Fiesta del Curadillo, in the month of July or August.

Useful telephone numbers

Town hall.
Plaza de San Pedro s / n. Tno 985 590 003.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.5624809 Length: -6.1458635 qualifying.

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