Concha of Artedo, a beautiful beach

The lovely beach

Concha of Artedo, a beautiful beach

The lovely beach

The Concha of Artedo is, as we usually say in Asturias, "A beautiful beach", spectacular for our senses. We can enjoy it at dawn, with the sound of high tide, when the sea is starting to be rough. This is «a beautiful beach» on low and high tides, with stormy weather or in a sunny day when we can admire the cliffs that make of it a refuge.

The swimming on its water is also the best, because it is protected from the ocean beating.

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Artedo's shell has two extremes that make it look like a shell. Its water is famous for being the cleanest and most crystalline, almost exotic for this Principality of Asturias.

Because of its beauty, beach services, restaurants, easy access, quiet and rural environment and its unusual cleanliness, this is the most crowded beach of the council Cudillero. This is also the number one beach of this municipality because of its width, 760 meters of extension, with a surface nearly to 70,000 square meters.

It is located in the middle of a wide inlet in which the River Uncín flows, forming a little estuary of great natural value.

A beach that one day was a port and from it, we can admire the linear of the Cantabrian horizon.

On it we practice sportive fishing because this activity has a long tradition here. This beach has traditionally been one of the best be landscapes to start practicing sea ​​diving.

The rock walls of both extremes can be dived, but the most famous one, without doubt, is the one of Punta Austera, the most western. There are lots of cracks to see, covered with sponges and gorgonians. On the sand we can discover lots of rays, scrapie (type of fish) and fish from the bottom of the sea. This is a perfect mixture of sand, seaweed and rocks. The most common species we can find here are breams, maragotas, smooth (different types of fish) and sea basses almost during all the year. Occasionally we can also find some reo fish, fish san pedro, or crossbow fish among others.

This place has got a rich landscape and offers an important environmental interest. It also houses a cultural treasure, since historically it has been an obligatory stopover for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago. Nowadays, Artedo is still a relaxing stop between the villages of Cudillero and Luarca.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5647202 Length: -6.1912251


How to get there?

Its accessed by a diversion of the N-632. It lies one kilometer from the town. It can be also reached from Lamuño by tacking a fairly steep road and leaves us in the same way but it is possible to park or to the other side because of the old bridge that previously accessed is now only pedestrian.


Parking and camping area, about 500 meters inland. There is also a restaurant.

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