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Dishes with authorship


Dishes with authorship

Asturias lives one of its best moments in the hospitality industry, adding a new dimension to its usual culinary merits. «In Asturias you eat very well», that is something extended, but it is that in addition to a decade this part eats even better, to the point that the restoration has experienced a multiplier effect on its quality. There is a lot of gastronomic offer and a lot of generalized quality in restaurants.

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The greater variety of raw materials in gastronomic markets, the increase of training in cooking schools, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the new chefs are all to blame for this qualitative leap.

The author's kitchen, or new kitchen, participates in this growth, giving that touch that is needed, as a cherry on the varied and plural cake that is the Asturian cuisine as a whole; born first of its valleys and mountains, of fishing, hunting, livestock and a very fertile orchard that caters to all equally. Both those who pretend to make their cuisine a laboratory of bold ideas, in monoporciones and modified textures, as those who have been chefs before the friar, giving each day a new touch to their Experienced kitchen, able to surprise the most pretentious of the gourmets with a solid authorship that, far from aspiring to the extreme novelty, has been amply proven with the passage of time.

Both concepts of cooks integrate the Kitchen of Author in the Principality.

The fine details, professionalism and precision in the techniques are its main qualities, maintaining in all cases a certain theory of the classic, praising the fundamental pillars of regional gastronomy.

Wherever we are, we always ask the same Where can we eat well?, and the truth is that restaurants proliferate where you eat to wreck with a recital of good taste in all aspects. Cozy, subtle premises of new Asturian cuisine with letters in continuous renovation: tortillas in textures, brick of chorizo ​​with cider gel, spoon of Asturian pot or copita de nécoras; seemingly daring proposals but always with the guarantee of the native products; Good wine list and correct service in most cases. Essential places if you want to know what is "cooked" in Asturias. With less avant-garde dishes too, but perfectly executed, and with a great sense of balance between innovation, imagination and recognition of the traditional product, we find authentic reefs, restaurants that are kings in the field of cooked, rice, meat and fish. With evolved recipes from the original: cream of fabada with Iberian shavings, cod with a sauce of oricios accompanied by black risotto, asparagus stuffed with seafood, creamy rice with bogavente, torto with scrambled sausage of black pudding and apple, red mullets in menthol juice, strips of red meat with Iberian ham and gamonéu ... and authentic pastry jewelry In charge of the chefs, all kinds of cakes from the house, and to put just one example of culinary poetry: chocolate frisuelos stuffed with rice with milk and hazelnut mousse.

We invite you to know the Asturias restaurants with Michelin star

Restaurants for gourmets abound in an autonomous community that has a solid base of establishments, many of them are committed to quality in large salons prepared for banquets, in small and exclusive rooms, in modern dining rooms for an audience that is looking for new environments, and many places that maintain their usual headquarters, without too many artifices, because the excellence of their kitchen is sufficient design.

No less important is the development of an autochthonous kitchen in its kitchens but extravagant in its proposals, with foreign products such as kangaroo sirloin or grilled ostrich.

Asturias is not out of the general trend of the country: the implantation of restaunates that propose recipes from the five continents, with the well-known boom of the Asian proposals, mainly in the great Asturian cities.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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