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Christmas Asturias 2015

Christmas Asturias 2015

Christmas Asturias 2015
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    All localities schedule special events on these dates, Christmas, since it is impossible to put everything, here we detail some in particular.
    Ideas to spend a morning / afternoon of family leisure and enjoy with the kids of Christmas magic.

    Christmas in Avilés

    · Bells in The Patch
    New Year's dance in Álvarez Acebal.
    Thursday, 31 December. 24 hours. Receive the 2016 year in front of the centennial clock of the Town Hall.

    · Letter to the Magi
    Prince Ali-Atar will collect the letters from the boys and girls of Avilés on 1, 2, 3 and 4 days in January. City Council of Avilés. From 17 to 21 hours.

    Children's Musical "Magical 2"
    Monday, 4 for January. Plaza de Álvarez Acebal. 18.30 hours. A complete review of the most popular songs of Disney movies.

    · Horseback riding with SS.MM. Magician Kings of the East
    Tuesday, 5 for January.
    18.00 hours. The Magi of the East will disembark on the pontoons of the Sports Pier of the Ría de Avilés.
    18.30 hours. Ride.

    · VI Nougats and Mazapanes Comarca Avilés, Crafts Sweet
    12 and 13 of December. Palace of Camposagrado de Avilés. With the participation of 10 confectionery establishments in the region.
    From 11 to 14 hours and from 16 to 21 hours.

    · Christmas market
    From December 16 to January 6. From 11 to 22 hours.
    Central Promenade La Meanas Park.

    · XVI Fair of Advientu
    From December 19 to January 6. Exhibition Track.
    One of the main artisan encounters of Asturias. With attractions for the little ones and musical performances.
    From 11 to 14 and from 16: 30 to 21 hours.
    24 and 31 for December: from 11 to 14 hours and from 16: 30 to 19: 30 hours.
    December 25 and January 1: from 17 to 21 hours
    5 January: from 11 to 21 hours

    Christmas in Arriondas

    · Births exposure
    The 18 5 December to January
    Collection of more than 100 nativity scenes ceded by the Parish of San Martín.
    From 11 to 13 hours and from 17 to 20 hours. Local street Argüelles, in front of Casa Miyares.

    · Chiquiparres
    A small amusement park free for the youngest.
    Located in the Parque de la Llera, from 16 to 22 hours.
    Within the same there will be special holidays the following days:
    December 24 "Storytelling", 31 December "Children's New Year's Eve", 3 de enro "Letter to the Magi", January 4 "Pintacaras and twisting".

    · Great Cavalcade of Three Wise Men
    SSMM the Magi will travel the streets starting at 19 hours.

    Christmas in Cabrales

    · Creative Christmas in Cabrales
    Atheneum of Arenas de Cabrales. From 10 to 13 hours. Children from 3 to 12 years. 5 € workshop.
    24 Day: Christmas Cards and envelopes.
    26 Day: We create our Christmas Tree and garlands.
    28 Day: Tells stories of Christmas and crafts.
    29 Day: Christmas Village.
    30 Day: Creativity with play dough
    31 Day: Mini-New Year's Eve.
    2 Day January: Preparing for SSMM The Magi.

    Registration: 647 564 957

    Christmas in Cangas de Onís

    · House stories
    Show especially recommended for children from 4 to 10 years
    December 23
    House of Culture 19: 00 hours.

    · San Silvestre
    On Sunday, December 20, the first San Silvestre Trail 2015 will be held, whose stage will run from Cangas de Onís to Picu l'Arbolín.
    It is organized by La Brújula and consists of three routes: a short one of 3 kilometers, a medium one of 6,3 and a long one of 12,6. This Trail is done in favor of the participation of the students of the school and the institute cangueses in the Spanish Championship of orientation by 2015 schools.
    The start will be at 11 hours from the Fronton Pavilion.

    Christmas in Gijón

    · Ice rink
    From 3 from December to January 10.
    El Bibio Bullring. Monday through Friday from 10 to 23 hours.
    Prices: 5 € 45 "general entry. 3 € hour school groups.

    · Snow mountain for descent of pneumatic sledges
    From 3 from December to January 10.
    Exterior Plaza de Toros El Bibio. Monday through Friday from 10 to 14 hours and from 16 to 22 hours.
    Saturdays and eves of holidays from 11 to 00 hours.
    Prices: from 3 € 3 downloads.

    · MEMAX Christmas Market
    Paseo de Begoña.
    From 1 from December to 7 from January, from 10.30 to 14 hours and from 17 to 22.30 hours.
    Textile, toys, Christmas decoration, cosmetics ...

    · National Handicrafts Fair "ArteGijón Navidad 2015"
    Square of the 6 of August.
    From 17 from December to January 5.
    Jet, leather, glass, jewelry ...

    · Botanical Garden
    Days of open doors of the 19 of December to the 6 of January. Every day from 10 to 18 hours.
    Cinema, workshops, guided tours, exhibitions ...

    · Mercaplana
    Fairground Luis Adaro.
    From December 25 to January 4 from 16 to 20.30 hours.

    Christmas in Llanes

    · Route nativity scenes New of LLanes
    The Route will run through the Parochial Church and the chapels of the parish, as well as several emblematic places, where the respective cribs will be installed that can be visited by a trip divided into three sections. Through this initiative it is intended to recover the belenistic tradition of the Parroquia de San Jorge.

    The "New Bethlehem Route" is comprised of three sections:
    - Section 1: Start at the Bethlehem of the Henar Chapel, Nueva - Cuevas del Mar Road - Cuevas del Mar Beach - Coastal Path to Bethlehem of the Chapel of San Antonio (Picones) - Bethlehem of the Chapel of Santa Bárbara, El Acebo - Bethlehem of the Chapel of the Holy Angel, Ovio - Return to Nueva.
    - Section 2: Start at the Nativity Scene at the entrance to the Palace of the Counts de la Vega del Sella - Nativity Scene at the San Acisclo Chapel, Nueva Cemetery - Outdoor nativity scenes on the slope next to the Nueva Train Station - Bethlehem of the Chapel of Carmen - Bethlehem of the Chapel of La Blanca - Bethlehem of the Parish Church of San Jorge - Bethlehem of the Chapel of Santa Teresa - Bethlehem outdoors of the bridge of the Triana neighborhood - Bethlehem of the Chapel of Santo Cristo del Amparo - Open-air nativity scene next to the La Portilla level crossing.
    - Section 3: Start from the intersection of Triana - Bethlehem of the Chapel of San Juan and San Lorenzo, Barrio de Robazón - Bethlehem of the Chapel of Loreto, Llamigo - Bethlehem of the Chapel of San Antonio, Riensena.

    Christmas in Oviedo

    · Exhibition of nativity scenes
    Trascorrales Square From December 4 to January 6.
    From Monday to Friday from 11 to 14.30 hours and from 16.30 to 21 hours.
    Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 to 21 hours.
    December 24 and 31 days from 11 to 20 hours.

    · Artisan Rose Garden
    From 18 from December to January 5.
    Paseo de la Rosaleda.
    Ceramics, leather, jewelry, textiles, wood, various ...

    · Indoor ice rink, of 450 square meters
    Alfonso II Square El Casto (Cathedral)

    · Campoamor Theater
    · Russian National Ballet Sleeping Beauty. 21 of December. 20.00 hours.
    · Russian National Ballet Romeo and Juliet. 21 of December. 20.00 hours.
    · The Wizard of Oz. 27 of December. 19.30 hours.
    · The Jungle Book. 28 of December. 17.30 hours.
    · Susana and the seven dwarfs. 29 of December. 18.00 hours.
    · Oviedo New Year's Concert Filarmonía. 1 for January. 20.00 hours.

    Christmas in Ribadesella

    All the programming of the agenda riosellana find it in this link Christmas in Ribadesella

    Christmas in Villaviciosa

    · Route of the cribs of Villaviciosa.
    From the 4 of December to the 5 of next January the visitors will be able to cross four different spaces where to soak up one of the most Christmas traditions.

    The portal of Nicolás Rodríguez, better known as the 'olive bethlehem', can be visited from 12 to 14 and from 17 to 20 hours. They are figures collected over the years since he went with his parents to visit the nativity scenes in the area. The appeal of this birth is that it is never the same.

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