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Regional Craft Center

Discovering Asturian crafts

Regional Craft Center

Discovering Asturian crafts

It is located in the Old Public Schools of Póo, a costly building, in its day, with the "Indian" money of Cuba and Mexico. The Schools are a unique building, integrated into the civic complex completed by the Bowling and the Casino. They were built, at the end of the 19th century, according to the project of the architect Nicolás García Rivero.
Promoted by the municipality of this town, and with municipal management, it has a regional vocation, with the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Industry and Employment through the General Directorate of Trade, Autonomous and Social Economy.

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The hands of the craftsman they are a basic instrument in search of sensitivity, effects, textures and artistic perspectives. In Asturias, artisans have found a dedicated space in the town of Llanes de Poo. This Craft Center, combines new creations and tradition, and becomes an ideal showcase in which artists make their distinctive works known.

Center It has a temporary exhibition space, with outstanding exhibitions, as well as a permanent exhibition, with local creators' basic works made on site. In Poo, artisans have workshops at their disposal, and in them they give free rein to their patient and creative work.

The public You can access all the premises facilities. Visitors know first hand the work of artisans in their workshops, enjoy the unique pieces of the exhibitions and approach the exclusive shops where many of their works are put on sale.

Another pillars of this pioneering initiative in Asturias are specialized courses and training continued that houses this artisan athenaeum. Here there is also room for classrooms at the service of new artistic concerns. This helps to strengthen popular crafts and promote innovative proposals to train new talent. The Center has a multipurpose hall for these training activities, which serves both as a meeting space, a forum for debate or conferences.

Asturian folk crafts find here an integral space in which to admire the entire craft process. In such a way that the resulting pieces in jet, ceramics, leather, wood, metals and other materials are valued knowingly.

Typically, The craft production, with strong roots in the Principality, completed in many cases the daily work in the rural houses. Today this activity can be rediscovered in new formulas and readjustments, with new techniques and subjects, including plastic motivation and the most contemporary design.

In Poo de Llanes, traditional workshops coexist with a new culture of the trades based on innovation and design. In all cases objects and original productions are made, personal and with their own stamp, with a marked cultural root. For all these reasons, the center contributes to the enhancement of centenary traditions and cultural heritage by exploring new paths.

Ultimately, in this unprecedented space we approach one of the human expressions, craftsmanship, which is perhaps older than the language itself. A "know-how" that has been transmitted to our days from generation to generation, which evolves at the same time as humanity and that always transforms the craftsman himself into his daily work.

In Poo we see that there a person "with trade" behind each work, and we understand better that this work gives priority to people and not to impersonal markets. The commercialization of the works is here a non-serial process, unique and unique, in which we can acquire unrepeatable pieces and with a value that is never strictly material.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.4204178 Length: -4.7887516


Former public schools of Póo
33500, Llanes

Contact phone number : 985 40 37 59

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