Apartments Casa de la Tila
Arenas de Cabrales, Cabrales

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Apartments Casa de la Tila is an establishment registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: AT0290

Comfortable rural apartments located in Arenas, town of the Picos de Europa. Its location inside the mountain and its traditional architecture makes them ideal for resting. Our apartments were rehabilitated in the 2003.

We have apartments of 2 and 4 squares, and duplexes of 6 and 8 squares.

In the Casa de la Tila apartments you can enjoy a spacious living-dining room (25 / 30 m2), independent kitchen, large bathroom, heating, television. Washing machine, microwave, iron and white linen.
Outdoor garden.

High season:

Holy Week, from 15 from July to 15 from September.

Apartments from 6 to 8 seats: 125 €
Apartments from 2 to 4 seats: 80 €

Middle Season:

Month of June; from the 1 to the 15 of July; from the 15 from September to the 30 from September and national bridges.

Apartments from 6 to 8 seats: 105 €
Apartments from 2 to 4 seats: 65 €

Low season:

The rest of the year.

Apartments from 6 to 8 seats: 85 €
Apartments from 2 to 4 seats: 50 €

Hiking, mountaineering, hunting, fishing, spelunking, horse riding, mountain bike routes, 4 x 4 routes, guided tours.

coordinates Latitude: 43.3031960 Length: -4.8162818

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coordinates Latitude: 43.3031960 Length: -4.8162818

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