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I Maranes Cicloturista Llanes

I Maranes Cicloturista Llanes

I Maranes Cicloturista Llanes

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    A new cycling race will take place this spring, to celebrate in the llanisca town of Balmori, start and finish, the next 17 in May. The competition will be called I Memorial Pedro Llorente-Council of Llanes and will have a demanding tour of the main roads of the council with a total distance of 113,5 kilometers. In the tour there will be outstanding mountain milestones to overcome, such as the highs of La Tornería and El Torno.

    The race organized by the Club Ciclista Oriente Astur has confirmed the presence in the race of Laudelino Cubino, award-winning Salamanca rider. Despite being the first edition, the presence of 300 and 500 participants is expected. Registration, at the price of 25 euros, will be open until May 10.

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