Carnival Llanes 2019

Carnival Llanes 2019

The City Council of Llanes has published the bases to participate in the Llanisco carnival contest, which will be held on Saturday 2 March, and what will be distributed 8.340 euros in prizes. Those interested in registering can do so at the Municipal Tourism Office (Monday through Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and from 16.00 to 18.30 hours, and Sundays from 10.00 to 14.00 hours), by calling 985 40 01 64, or by sending a email to The registration period will end on Friday 1 of March at 14.00 hours.

The exit of the parade will be at 18.00 hours from Celso Amieva Street (Peña Tú Public School area), to go to the main street and continue down to the Town Hall, the bridge and Las Barqueras square, ending at Marqués de Canillejas street.

· CHILDISH. Children can participate with ages between 0 and 14 years.
There will be 2 modalities: Couples * and Groups (may be part of the group adults in lower number than children).
-Children's Area: 1º 100 euros; 2º 80 euros; 3º 60 euros.
-Group Children: 1º 500 euros; 2º 300 euros; 3º 200 euros.

· ADULTS. There will be 2 modalities: Couples * and Groups (children may be part of the group below the number of adults.) * If the circumstance that any of the pairs is formed by a child and an adult, the theme will be taken into account of disguise, when establishing the category of the contest.
- Adults: 1º 250 euros; 2º 150 euros; 3º 100 euros.
-Adult Group: 1º 1.000 euros; 2º 600 euros; 3º 500 euros.

· SPECIAL PRIZE Celebration Commissions, Associations and Sports Clubs of the Council. For groups with a minimum of 10 people and belonging to a Party Committee or Sports Club of the Council of Llanes.
1º 2.000 euros; 2º 1.000 euros; 3º 500 euros.

· LOCAL CARNIVAL PRIZE. Showcase of commercial establishments and catering establishments. Participating establishments must remain decorated, at least, from Thursday 28 in February to Tuesday 5 in March.
1º 500 euros; 2º 300 euros; 3º 200 euros.

Carnival of Posada de Llanes

March 23 Saturday.
19: 30 hours of the parade through the streets of Posada.
Charangas and verbena competition with DJCardeo and Waykas Orchestra.

Carnival Ribadesella 2019

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