Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2017

Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2017

The Antroxu 2017 is around the corner, here we detail the parades and others in the three cities: Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo.

Antroxu de Avilés

From the 23 from February to the 1 from March.

· Friday 24 of February
22: 00 hours. Concert by the Mondragón Orchestra. Spain Square
00: 00 hours. Verbena Antroxera with the great Olimpus Orchestra. Exhibition Track. The Meanas

· XXX International and Fluvial Descent of Galiana Street
Is celebrated Saturday 25 of February from the 18: 30 hours and the presentation of projects and inscriptions is done in the 8 Municipal Celebration Office from January to 3 in February.
In addition, the Descent Workshops are returning this year to the 55 number on Conde Gualdalhorce Avenue.

· 23: 30 and 2: 30 hours. New edition of the Antroxu's Dance festival.
The most important appointment of disco music in Avilés, with the performance of Pericacho Dj and a cast of Dj's. Spain Square

· Monday 27 for February
23.00 hours. Chambao in concert, presenting his latest album. Spain Square

· Tuesday of Antroxu
Tuesday 28 of February in Meanas-El Parche

18.30 hours. XXXVI Grand Parade of Antroxos, Moxigangues and Carroces
Route: José Cueto street, Plaza de la Merced, Pedro Menéndez street and plaza, La Muralla and La Cámara streets, and final stage on the Plaza de España.
Master of Ceremonies: Alberto Rodríguez

· Burial La Sardina
Wednesday 1 March in Sabugo-El Parche

Antroxu de Gijón

From the 24 February 28.
Rexonal tourist interest party.

· The XXIX Carriage Contest
The 27 2017 of 19 will be held in Gijón from the 00: XNUMX h.
The awards ceremony will be held on the 28 day of February, Tuesday of Antroxu from the 18: 00 hours on the Paseo de Begoña.

· XXX Charangas Contest
The Charangas contest will consist of two parts:
a) The show / exhibition to be held at the Jovellanos Theater during the 25 and 26 days of February at the 19: 00 hours. The day of contest will result from the opportune lottery, excluding itself
those charangas that want to compete on Sunday 26 in February.
b) Parade of the Antroxu. The Parade will be held on Monday 27 in February from the 19: 00.

· XXV Children's Costume Contest
26 Sunday of February at the Jovellanos Theater.
Registration Hours: 15: 00 h. to 16: 00 h. at the main door of the Jovellanos Theater (Paseo de Begoña, 11).
Contest schedule: start at 16: 30 hours.
Categories: Individual, couples, family and groups (Up to 12 years and 14 children).

· XXIII Children's Parade
· Saturday 25 of February, from the 12,00 hours, show-performance in the Jovellanos Theater. Maximum scene time per group: 5 minutes.
One entry per participant and the 24 day of February will be given and two tickets per person will be given at the box office of the Jovellanos Theater.
· 26 Sunday in February, starting at 12,30 hours, parade in the street, route to be confirmed.

The jury's decision and award ceremony will take place at Paseo de Begoña, starting at 18: 00h, on Tuesday 28 in February.

Antroxu of Oviedo

The Oviedo City Council and the Ovetense Society of Celebrations, SOF, have convened the various costume contests of the Antroxu 2017. This year, the total amount of the prizes amounts to 20.330 euros. The registration period begins on February 15, all categories close the March 1, with the exception of the contest "Showcases of commercial establishments" which will be on February 27.

· Children's Contest
Philharmonic Theater, March 3, from the 18: 00 hours.
For children up to 14 years. The disguise set and its complement may not exceed the total measure of 1,20 meters wide and 2 meters high.

- "Individual" mode, four prizes of 75, 100, 200 and 300 euros.
- "Couples" mode, two winners with 200 and 300 euros prize.
- Modality «Groups» with four prizes: the fourth place will be endowed with 100 euros, the third with 200, the second with 300, and the first with 400 euros.

· 'Adults' contest
4 March.
The parade will depart from the Renfe Slab at 17: 00 hours and end at the Cathedral square.

"Individual": endowed with four 75, 100, 200 and 300 euros prizes.
«Couples»: in this modality, in which children under 14 can not participate, the costume of two couples with prizes worth 250 and 350 euros will be recognized.
«Groups, Charangas and Fanfarrias»: groups of at least three adults and in no case may the number of children exceed 30% of the total group participants. In this category 8 prizes will be distributed with the following amounts: 90, 120, 250, 400, 500, 650, 800 and 900 euros.
«Collectives of Social Centers of Oviedo»: aimed at groups with a minimum of 10 people belonging to the Municipal Social Centers Network of Oviedo, 10 awards of 150, 210, 270, 320, 350, 480, 600, 800, 900 and 1.200 euros. Other 13 participants (from 11º to 24º) will receive a second prize of 130 euros.
«Showcases of commercial establishments»: all those establishments with showcase to the public can be presented. They must be displayed at least from the 27 day of February to the 5 of March, have lighting in the usual business hours and have clearly visible the number of participation number. The jury will visit the shop windows on Tuesday 28 in February and will take into account the originality, innovation, quality and exhibition of the product itself. The ruling, which will include six prizes awarded with 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 800 euros will be announced on Wednesday 1 day of March through the municiopal web.
«Hotel establishments»: the jury will visit the participants on Friday 3 from the 20: 00 hours. and the ruling will be made public on Saturday 4. This modality will distribute 6 prizes endowed with 200, 250, 350, 500, 800 and 1.000 euros and 4 second prize for 130 euros value.

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