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Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2015

Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2015

Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2015

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    All information about Antroxu 2015 contests, deadlines, registration forms, etc. of the three Asturian cities: Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés.

    Antroxu de Gijón

    From the 13 February 17
    XXIII Children's Costume Contest
    Sunday 15 February at 16: 30h. at the Jovellanos Theater.
    Registration: Sunday 15 February from the 15: 00 at the main entrance of the Jovellanos Theater.

    XXVIII Charangas Competition
    Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 February from the 19: 00h at the Jovellanos Theater.
    Monday 16 of February from the 19.00h inside the Antroxu Parade.
    · Registrations: from the 21 November to the 30 January to the 14: 00h. Last day for the delivery of letters the February 4.
    · Ticket sales: Jovellanos Theater ticket offices from 12 in February from 9: 30h. (Price 3 € maximum 4 entries per person).

    XXVII Floats Competition
    Monday 16 of February from the 19.00h inside the Antroxu Parade.
    · Registration: from November 21 to January 30, time: from 12: 00h to 14: 00h and 18: 00h. to 19: 30h.

    XXI Children's Parade
    Saturday 14 of February at the 12: 00h at the Jovellanos theater (Maximum 5 minutes per group).
    Domingo15 from February to the 12: 30h parade through the streets near the Jovellanos Theater.
    · Registrations: from November's 21 to January's 5, 18's schedule: 00h to 19: 30h (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). Organize QUIQUILIMON.
    · Ticket delivery at the February 13 at the Jovellanos Theater box office. (Maximum 2 entries per person). Organization: 1 entrance per child and 1 per companion (we refer to persons in charge).

    Antroxu of Oviedo

    From the 20 to the 21 for February.
    The City Council of Oviedo and the SOF convene the Carnival 2015 fancy dress contests, to encourage citizen participation in the Oviedo Carnival.
    Any person or entity may wish to participate with the only requirement to complete the registration in the SOF offices at C / Mendizábal 3 -5º Oviedo (Philharmonic Theater), from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 14.30 h. Tfno SOF: 985 20 76 58.

    The registration deadlines will be:
    • Showcase competition of commercial establishments: from 26 from January to 16 in February.
    • Other contests: from 26 from January to 18 from February.

    The following categories of Contests are established:
    · KIDS MENU It will take place at the Children's Palace on Friday 20 in February, starting at 19.00 h. Children can participate with ages between 0 and 14 years. Adults who accompany or assist children can not be disguised.
    There will be three modalities: individual, couples and groups.
    The jury's decision will be made public after the contest.

    · ADULTS It will be held on Saturday 21 in February, starting at 18.00 h. in the Parade that will depart from the Renfe Slab, concluding with the evaluation and judgment of the Jury in the Plaza de la Catedral.
    The modalities are: individual, couples, groups, charangas and fanfares (in this modality, they will be able to be part of the group children in number inferior to the one of adults) and groups of Social Centers of Oviedo (for groups with a minimum of 10 people and belonging to the Municipal Network of Social Centers of Oviedo).

    Two modalities are contemplated:
    • Shop windows of commercial establishments.
    All those establishments with showcase to the public can be presented. They must be displayed at least from 16 day to February 22, have lighting in the usual business hours and have clearly visible the number of the participation number. The Jury will visit the Commercial Establishments on Tuesday 17. The participants will have full freedom in terms of technique and style in the decoration of shop windows should be the main reason for the decoration Carnival. For the evaluation, the following aspects will be taken into account: originality, innovation, quality and exposure of the own product. The ruling will be announced on Wednesday 18 day of February.

    • Hotel establishments.
    The Jury will visit the Hotel Establishments on Friday 20 from the 20: 00h. and the ruling will be made public on Saturday 21, after the Contests in the Plaza de la Catedral.

    Antroxu de Avilés

    From the 13 to the 18 for February.
    Friday February 13
    · Destroy d'Escolinos Antroxáos. 17.30 hours
    · To put on the horns, let's go! (The Vikings disembark). 20.00 hours.
    Coronation Ceremony of the Kings of Goxu and the Faba 2015. Place: Plaza de España.
    · By Odin! from Portugal. 21.15 hours. A great variety show, with Funçao Pública in rigorous direct. Let go of the braids! Place: Plaza de España.

    Saturday February 14
    · XXVIII International and Fluvial Descent of Galiana Street
    18.30 hours. More than 20 gadgets, among which will be the famous "drakkar" Vikings, and the figure of a portentous Odin. The icy seas of the North, turned into a river of foam.
    · Great verbena, enlivened by the Orquesta avilesina Distrito Xoven. Spain Square. 22.00 hours.
    · Antroxu's Rock-Fest. Plazas del Carbayo (Sabugo), Carlos Lobo and El Carbayedo. 23.00 hours.
    · Anroxu's Dance Festival, performance by Pericacho Dj and an interesting list of the best national and international Dj's. Spain Square. 23.30 hours.

    Sunday February 15
    · Performance of fanfares Ventolin (Asturias), Picante (Asturias), and El
    Felechu (Asturias). 12.15 hours. Place: Historical Center
    XXXIV Ginkana Automovilística d'Antroxu. 17.00 hours. Place: Plaza de Álvarez Acebal.

    · Antroxín for children 17.30 hours.
    Children's entertainment with the most entertaining spectacle-concert of the Universe: Pinturilla y la
    Vanilla gang. Antrox makeup workshops with Joy Land Bus. Place: Plaza de España.

    · The Viking assault. 20.30 hours. The fearsome ships of little draft, the drakkar, could
    enter the Ría, with terrible consequences for the population. Place: Track of the Exhibition in Las Meanas.

    Monday, February 16
    · Festival of murgas, charangas and fanfares. 19.00 hours. Place: Plaza de España
    · The burial of King Buliwyf. 20.30 hours. Place: Track of the Exhibition in Las Meanas.
    · Great humorous-musical show, enlivened by the Centauro group. 21.20 hours. Place: Plaza de España.

    Tuesday, 17 for February
    · XXXIV Great parade d''Antroxos, Moxigangues and Carroces. 18.30 h.

    Wednesday, February 18
    · Unlock of the Sardine. Burns d'atrepeyos and Goodbye with the heart! 18.00 hours. Place: Court of Llaranes.
    · Velatorio and burial of the sardine. 19.30 hours. Place of the wake: Plaza del Carbayo.
    · Burning of the Sardine and Final Tronada. 20.30 hours. Place: Plaza de España.

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