Carnival Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2019

Carnival Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2019
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Carnival parties are close and here we give you all the information of the parades, brass bands, concerts ... to be able to organize your agenda.
We detail the events of Gijón and Avilés at the moment, when we have all the information of Oviedo we send it to you.

Antroxu de Avilés

From the 27 February to the 6 of March

Wednesday Sardinero. 27 for February
19.00 hours. Parades of mazcaritos, moxigangues and fanfarries from El Martinete street to Plaza Mayor de Llaranes.
19.30 hours. Plaza Mayor de Llaranes. Delivery of Natural Herring Sardines to outstanding antroxeras personalities. Sermon of the "third scale" in charge of the Sardino Mayor of the Brotherhood of the Sardine Herring of Llaranes, José Angel del Río Gondell. Tasting of the traditional "garbanzada con callos".
Street entertainment with the fanfare «El Felechu» and «Ceda el Paso». Verbena and dance with the Talisman Orchestra.

Thursday of Comadreo. 28 for February
Snacks and dinners of Comadres throughout the region.

Coronation Friday. March 1
Street entertainment with the fanfare «El Felechu», «Ceda el Paso», «El Compango» and «Paentamala».
17.30 hours. Desfile d'Escolinos Antroxáos. The primary scolins, animated with the melodies and rhythms of the fanfares, will begin their tour in the Plaza de España.
20.30 hours. Coronation of the members of the group "Jarra and pedal" as King of the Goxu and the Faba of the Antroxu d'Avilés 2019, animated by Escenapache Theater. Spain Square.
21.30 and 24.30 hours. Verbena antroxera with the Superhollywood Orchestra.
23: 00 hours. «Brisa Fenoy» in concert. Spain Square.

Saturday of the Descent of Galiana. March 2
18.30 hours. XXXII International and Fluvial Descent of Galiana Street.
22: 00 and 1: 00 hours. Verbena Antroxera with the Suavecito Orchestra. Spain Square.
23: 30 and 2: 30 hours. New edition of the Antroxu's Dance festival. The most important appointment of disco music in Avilés. Spain Square.
Live set of the official FM Europe DJs: Biel Castell and producer Stevan Chaves, from the "We love Asere" artists team directed by Juan Magán. Performance by Oliver Ronan, professor approved by the Academy of Plastic DJs Asturias. All directed by the most international DJ in Aviles: Pericacho DJ.

Domingo Antroxero March 3
Street entertainment with the charangas "El Felechu", "Ceda el Paso", "Pepe El Chelo", "Panteamala" and "El Ventolín".
12.00 hours. Antroxín for the neños and neñes. Spain Square.
16: 30 hours. III Antroxes Mascot Contest. Plaza de Santiago López (Old Fish Plaza).
17.00 hours. XXXVIII Ginkana Automovilística d'Antroxu. Plaza de Álvarez Acebal.
18.30 hours. Children's entertainment show «Cinderella. Musical with the rhythm of the 50 ». Auditorium House of Culture. Free entry until complete seats.
20: 00 hours. Afternoon Dance of Masks. Fun exhibition of ballroom dances, enlivened by FredEvents. Spain Square

Monday of Murgas and Fanfarrias. March 4
Street entertainment with the fanfare «El Felechu», «Ceda el Paso», «Picante», «El Compango» and «L'Estruendo».
19.00 hours. Festival of Murgas, Charangas and Fanfarrias conducted by the members of the band «The Blus Probes». Carlos Lobo Square.
20: 30 hours. Concert "The Blus Probes". Carlos Lobo Square.
22.00 and 24: 30 hours. Verbena Antroxera with the Tekila Orchestra. Spain Square
23.00 hours. Concert "Remember Queen", one of the best bands tribute to the legendary Fredy Mercury group, coming from Italy.

Tuesday of the Grand Parade. March 5
Street entertainment with the "Ceda el Paso", "El Felechu", "Pepe El Chelo", "Paentamala", "Picante", "El Ventolín" and "L'Estruendo" charangas.
18.30 hours. XXXVIII Grand Parade of Antroxos, Moxigangues and Carroces.

Wednesday of the Burial of the Sardine. March 6
18.00 hours. Unhooked from the Sardine, burn d'atrepeyos and Goodbye with the heart! Red Court of Llaranes.
19: 30 hours. Velatorio and Burial. Carbayo Square. With the fanfare «El Felechu».
20: 30 hours. Burning of the Sardine and final thunder. Plaza Spain.

Saturday of Piñata. March 9
18: 00 hours. Party of the Piñata. Plaza del Carbayo (Sabugo). Organize: Savia Nueva.

Antroxu de Gijón

From March 1 to 5 Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

· XXVII Child Costume Contest
3 Sunday of March at the 16: 30 hours at the Jovellanos Theater.
Registration on Sunday 3 March from the 15: 00 hours in the theater itself.

· XXXII Contest of Charangas
2 Saturday and March 3 Sunday from the 19: 30 hours at the Jovellanos Theater.
Monday 4 of March from the 19: 00 hours within the Antroxu Parade.
Registrations from December 10 to 20 from February to 14: 00 hours.
Last day to deliver the letters: 20 February to 14: 00 hours.
Tickets sale for the contest at the Jovellanos Theater ticket offices: from Thursday 28 from February to 09: 30 hours in the morning.
(Patio and mezzanine entrance: 4 €, General: 3 € Maximum 4 entries per person).

· XXXI Carriage Contest
Monday March 4 from the 19: 00h. in the Desfiled'Antroxu.
Registrations from the 10 of December to the 20 of February of 12: 00 has 14: 00 hours.

· XXV Children's Parade
March 2 Saturday from 12: 00 hours. (Performance 5 m per group).
Sunday 3 March, parade from the 12: 30 hours.
Registrations from the 10 of December to the 20 of February of 12: 00 hours to 14: 00 hours. Organizer: QUIQUILIMON
Tickets sale for the contest at the Jovellanos Theater ticket offices: from Friday1 from March to 12 hours. (Entry: 2 €. Maximum 2 entries per person).
Organization: one ticket will be delivered per child and one per companion (we refer to those responsible).
The inscriptions will be formalized in the Casa de LaPalmera (Cabrales 82).

Antroxu of Oviedo

It will be held on March 4, 5 and 9; the activities for the little ones will be in the Exhibition and Congress Palace.
Monday March 4
· 16: 30: Terrace and hall of the Calatrava building. The show «Circo Móvil», by Bambolea Teatro will welcome the attendees.
· 18: 00: Main Hall of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses. Concert by "Billy Boom Band" Rock for children.

Tuesday, March 5
· 16: 30: Terrace and hall of the Calatrava building. Show «Retratarte», by Tiritirantes Teatro.
· 17: 30: Main Hall. Start of the costume contest. Reading of the jury's decision and awarding of prizes.

Saturday, March 9
· 17: 00: Parade. Itinerary: Viaducto Marquina, Independencia, Fruela, Pozos, Ramón y Cajal, Porlier and Plaza de la Catedral.
They will participate: the Mazcaritos d'Uviéu, Social Centers, Contestants, Charangas, Bands and «Burial of the sardine».
· 21: 00: Cathedral Square. Concert "Music and Cinema" by the groups Downtown Boys, Niña Coyote and Chico Tornado, The Dustaphonics, Lie Detectors and Trash-Tornados.

Carnival Ribadesella 2019

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