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Carnival Villaviciosa 2017

Carnival Villaviciosa 2017

Carnival Villaviciosa 2017

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    Villaviciosa already has the Antroxu 2017 programming, with two dates already indicated in the calendar. II Memorial Benigno Flores Rodríguez, Beni.
    This year almost 7.000 € will be distributed in prizes.

    · Antroxu child
    Tuesday February 28 to the 17: 00 hours, Plaza de Abastos.
    Parade of costumes, dance, musical entertainment and park of inflatables of free access, all this by Actívate. Chocolate for all attendees.

    · Parade and contest of Charangas
    Saturday March 11, At 18 h.

    The brass bands must have a minimum of 8 people.
    Participants must deliver to the organization a copy of the lyrics of their songs by e-mail. turismo@ayto-villaviciosa.org. These must be original. Maximum date: 5 for February.
    · Performance at the Town Hall Square at 18: 00 hours.

    · Antroxu parade: start at 20: 00 hours.
    Route: Departure from the Municipal Sports Center, Víctor García de la Concha, Plaza del Ayto., C / Cervantes and return to the Municipal Sports Center.
    The performance time in the assigned space in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento will not be greater than 12 minutes, after this time the charangas will be penalized. The costumes, the lyrics, the music, the staging and the execution will be valued.

    The awards ceremony is scheduled for midnight.

    · Registration
    Floats and Groups until the 14: 00 hours of the March 10 in the Agency of Employment and Local Development of the Town Hall of Villaviciosa, located in the Town Hall, tno. 985 89 32 02.
    Charangas until March's 1.
    Individuals on the same day of the Antroxu.

    · Jornadas del Pote Maliayo
    Coinciding with the Antroxu, eight Acosevi partner catering establishments will offer a maliayo pot menu, which includes an entree, a pot, a dessert and a drink for 20 €.
    Participants: Casa Cortina Restaurant, Delarce Restaurant, El Manquín Restaurant, La Forja Restaurant, La Venta Restaurant in Valloberu, Sidrería El Portal, Sidrería El Congreso Restaurant and La Ballera Cider House.

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