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Carnival Ribadesella 2017

Carnival Ribadesella 2017

Carnival Ribadesella 2017
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    So was the carnival this year 2017 in Ribadesella. We have made some photos.

    Download them in https://www.flickr.com/photos/desdeasturias/albums/72157680868398775


    Ribadesella City Council has organized the Antroxu 2017 for 27 and 28 days in February, with more than 3.500 € in prizes.

    Carnival-Antroxu Adult
    Monday February 27
    From 21:30 p.m. beginning of the parade, accompanied by the Paentamala and Principado Charangas. The route will be: Plaza de Abastos, Calle Marqués de Argüelles, Calle Gran Vía, to return to the Plaza de Abastos.
    · Party in the Plaza Nueva with the performance of the Waykas Orchestra.
    · Awarding of prizes to the 24.00 h. in the tent.

    Carnival-Antroxu Children
    Tuesday February 28
    From 17:00 p.m. great children's party with inflatables, games, music and children's show.
    · Great chocolate from 20.30 h.

    Burial of the Sardine
    Tuesday February 28
    From the 21: 00 h. accompanied by the comparsa O'culo Moyau. Fireworks.

    Registration from the 10 of February in the House of Culture of Ribadesella or in the nº 985 86 11 23. And on Monday 27 you can also register at the Plaza de Abastos, between the 20: 00 and 21: 00 h.

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