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Carnival in Llanes

Carnival in Llanes

Carnival in Llanes
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    You already know the dates for the celebrations of the antroxu in the municipality of Llanes, they have already been closed: Saturday 1 of March in Llanes, Friday March 7 in New and Saturday 29 of March in Posada.

    This year the celebration in Nueva de Llanes is incorporated, which returns to recover a tradition in which this town has been a pioneer in the eastern region of Asturias. It is the road of a decade that does not celebrate the carnival, which this year is organized by Amigos de Nueva with the collaboration of the Valle de San Jorge Entrepreneurs Association and the Llanes City Council.

    In the village of Llanisca the great parade through the streets will once again be the most important attraction. Posada will continue to grow as one of the main references of the carnival in the eastern Asturian region.

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