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Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2016

Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2016

Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2016
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    All the information about the Antroxu 2016, deadlines, registration forms, etc. of the three Asturian cities: Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés.

    Antroxu de Gijón

    From the 5 to the 9 for February.

    · XXII Children's Parade
    Saturday 6 of February at the 12: 00h at the Jovellanos theater (Maximum 5 minutes per group).
    Domingo7 from February to the 12: 30h parade through the streets near the Jovellanos Theater.
    From the 23 of October to the 21 of January, 18 schedule: 00h to 19: 30h (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). Organize QUIQUILIMON.

    Ticket delivery at the February 5 at the Jovellanos Theater box office. (Maximum 2 entries per person).
    Organization: 1 entrance per child and 1 per companion (we refer to persons in charge).

    · XXIX Children's Costume Contest
    Sunday 7 February at 16: 30h. at the Jovellanos Theater

    On Sunday 7 February from the 15: 00 at the main entrance of the Jovellanos Theater.

    · XXIX Contest of Charangas
    Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February from the 19: 00h at the Jovellanos Theater.
    Monday 8 of February from the 19.00h inside the Antroxu Parade.

    From October 23 to January 12 at 14:00 p.m.
    Last day for the delivery of letters the January 21.

    Jovellanos Theater ticket offices from February 4 from 9: 30h.
    (Price 3 € maximum 4 entries per person).

    · XXVIII Carriage Competition
    Monday 8 of February from the 19.00h inside the Antroxu Parade.

    From the 23 of October to the 12 of January, time: from 12: 00h to 14: 00h and of 18: 00h. to 19: 30h.

    All registrations will be formalized at the Casa de La Palmera (Cabrales, 82).

    Antroxu de Avilés

    · Bases of the XXIX International and Fluvial Descent of Galiana Street

    It is celebrated on Saturday 6 of February from the 18: 30 hours and the presentation of projects and inscriptions is made in the Municipal Office of 8 Celebrations from January to 3 in February. In addition, the Descent Workshops are returning this year to the 55 number on Conde Gualdalhorce Avenue.

    Antroxu of Oviedo

    The Antroxu will be held in Oviedo on February 12 and 13, a weekend after the celebrations in Gijón and Avilés to "enable the participation of all Asturians."

    · Children's Antroxu Day 'Carvulandia'
    12 Day in the Plaza de la Catedral.
    Theater, music and activities for the little ones, with ages between 1 and 5 years.
    Children's Antroxu contest, in its different modalities.
    Theater groups will tour the squares of the old town and other areas such as Gascona Street.

    · 'Papua'
    13 Day, 12.30 hours at the Cathedral Square.
    A children's entertainment and education show developed by children psychology professionals, teachers, musicians and television producers and aimed at children from 2 to 9 years. Gratuitous.

    · Antroxu parade
    Day 13, 17.00 hours
    It will depart from the surroundings of La Losa de Renfe and will run through the streets of Oviedo until reaching the Plaza de la Catedral. In the square the Carnival Contest will be held in its different modalities. The SOF has increased this year the amount of prizes that will be awarded to the winners of the different categories, approving a total cost of 19.810 euros.

    · Burial of the Sardine
    It will be held in the Porlier square and in which different theater companies will participate. While this festival is being held, a theater group will tour the old Oviedo and end at the Plaza del Catedral with a pyrotechnic and musical spectacle, to which the actors and the public participating in the burning of the Sardine will be added later.

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