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Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2018

Carnival in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo 2018

Carnival parties are close and here we give you all the information of the parades, brass bands, concerts ... to be able to organize your agenda.
We detail the events of Avilés and Gijón at the moment, when we have the information of Oviedo we will send it to you.

Antroxu de Avilés

From the 7 February 14

- Wednesday 7 of February
· 19.00 h. Parades of mazcaritos, moxigangues and fanfarries from La Espina (Martinete street), to Plaza Mayor. Delivery of Natural Herring Sardines to outstanding antroxeras personalities. Sermon of the "third scale" by the Sardino Mayor of the Brotherhood of the Sardine Herring Llaranes. Tasting of the traditional "garbanzada con callos".
Street entertainment with fanfares El Felechu and Menudos Notas.
At night, a great dance-party with the COSTA NORTE ORCHESTRA in the Plaza Mayor de Llaranes.

- Thursday 8 of February
Comadres dinners throughout the region.

- Friday 9 of February
Animation in the streets with the Charangas El Felechu, Menudos Notas, El Compango and Paentamala.
· 17.30 h. Desfile d'Escolinos Antroxáos. Tour: Calle de la Cámara, Cuba, Francisco Orejas Sierra, Vatican Square, Juan XXIII and Avilés Sports Complex pavilion (El Quirinal) with a great children's party enlivened by the performance of the Billy Boom Band.
· 20.30 h. Coronation ceremony of the members of "La Liga de la Justicia", Kings of the Goxu and the Faba of the Antroxu d'Avilés 2018. Spain Square.
· 23: 00 h. EL ARREBATO in concert, in the Plaza de España.

- Saturday 10 of February
Route: Galiana Street, San Francisco, the Chamber, José Cueto and final in Edificio Fuero.
VERBENA enlivened by the ORQUESTA PÚBLIKA in the Plaza de España.
23: 30 and 2: 30 hours. New edition of the ANTROXU'S DANCE festival in the Plaza de España

· From 11: 00 to 14: 00 hours.
CARNIVAL CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL in the Plaza Mayor de Llaranes.

- Sunday 11 February
Animation through the streets with the El Felechu charangas, Menudos Notas, Pepe El Chelo, Panteamala and Ventolin
· 16: 30 h.II Antroxes Mascot Contest. Track of the Exhibition (Las Meanas).
· 17.00 h. XXXVII Ginkana Automovilística d'Antroxu. Plaza de Álvarez Acebal.
18.30 h. Anthroxin for children and children. Children's entertainment with the show «The Jungle Book». Casa de Cultura Auditorium until capacity is reached.
20: 30 h. Dance show «The musical comedy», by the ballet Teresa Tessier. Spain Square.

- Monday 12 for February
Animation through the streets with the El Felechu charangas, Menudos Notas, El Compango, Picante and L'Estruendo.
· 19.00 h. FESTIVAL OF MURGAS, CHARANGAS AND FANFARRIAS, presented by THE EARTHQUAKE OF ALCORCÓN, which will later entertain us with its show at the Plaza de España.
· 22.00 h. Verbena With the ORQUESTA TEKILA in the Plaza de España.

- Tuesday 13 for February
Animation through the streets with the Charangas Menudos Notas, El Felechu, Pepe El Chelo, Picante, El Ventolin and L'Estruendo.
· 18.30 hours. XXXVII Grand Parade of Antroxos, Moxigangues and Carroces. Route: José Cueto Street, Plaza de la Merced, Pedro Menéndez Street and Plaza, La Muralla and La Cámara Streets, and final stage on the Plaza de España.

- Wednesday 14 of February
· 18: 00 h. Unlocked the Sardine, burned d'atrepeyos and Goodbye with the heart! Place: Red Court of Llaranes. Organized by: Cofradía de la Sardina Herring.
· 19: 30 h. Velatorio and Burial in the Plaza del Carbayo.
· 20: 30 h. Burning of the Sardine and final thunder in Plaza España.

Antroxu de Gijón

From the 9 February 13 Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

XXVI Children Costume Contest
Sunday 11 FEBRUARY. At the 16: 30 hours, Jovellanos Theater.
Registration: 11 FEBRUARY, Sunday, from the 15: 00 hours.

XXIV Children's Costume Parade (groups)
SATURDAY 10 FEBRUARY. Jovellanos Theater 12: 00 hours. Maximum 5 members per group.
Sunday 11 February, 12 parade: 30 hours.

Tickets: 9 FEBRERO at the Jovellanos Theater box office. Maximum 2 entries per pax. 2 euros (Organization: 1 entry per child and 1 per companion).

XXXI Charangas Contest
Contest: Saturday 10 FEBRUARY / Sunday 11 FEBRUARY.
Jovellanos Theater, from the 19: 00 hours.
Parade: MONDAY 12 FEBRUARY, from the 19: 00 hours.

Box office tickets: Thursday 8 for February
(Entrance: patio and mezzanine: 4 €, General: 3 euros, Maximum 4 tickets per pax).
From the 9: 30 in the morning.

XXX Carriage Competition
Parade: Monday 12 FEBRUARY. From the 19: 00 hours.

Antroxu of Oviedo

Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses - Calatrava Building

18: 00 h. - Terrace and hall of the building. Welcome
«Diestro y Siniestro», «The inventainventos» and «Cacharros» with their itinerant shows and performances, will welcome the participants in the costume contest for children and the general public.

19: 00 h. - Main Hall. Competition
The participants of the different modalities will access the stage to be evaluated by the jury.

20: 00 h. - Main Hall. Concert
Cool music for the whole family «Petit Pop». At the break, reading the jury's decision and awards ceremony.

18: 00 h. - Parade

Itinerary: Viaducto Marquina, Independencia, Fruela, Pozos, Ramón y Cajal, Porlier and Plaza de la Catedral.
1ª Sequence, scene «Asturian winter masquerades». Mazcaritos d´Uviéu, Zamarrones de Lena and Sidros de Valdesoto.
2ª Sequence «Classic Carnival», scene «The Momo King of the carnival», performed by the theater group Margen. Contestants and charangas.
3ª Sequence, «Burial of the sardine and duel», interpreted by Mercau Astur. Neighborhood groups organized through the Social Centers of the municipality of Oviedo. Contestants

20: 00 h. - Costume contest
The participants in the different modalities of adult costumes will be evaluated by the jury.
Failure and awarding of prizes.
Musical entertainment by DJ Jota Deluxe.

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