Carlos Saura in the Niemeyer

Carlos Saura in the Niemeyer
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It is the first exhibition created by the famous Spanish film director Carlos Saura, also a prolific photographer, draftsman, opera director and writer. Saura offers a multidisciplinary vision of the Light, according to the reflections and most relevant aspects of it. It offers us a journey through the experience of light from darkness, the eye that perceives it, and how man has tried to capture it. Light as an art form, light as a source of life, light as an image and mirror, in short, light in our life.

This exhibition aims to be a kind of documentary LIVE, in
where the viewer will embark on an initiatory journey that will go from darkness to light, passing through various states where he will be informed of the mystery of light, how we see, what we see and what instruments man has invented to see better what small and big.

All done with projections - some of large size using the own cupola of the Niemeyer Center - and with objects, reproductions and concrete examples. Our aim is to "enlighten" the viewer by visual means that facilitate the understanding of such a huge and difficult subject to frame as is THE LIGHT.

A text will accompany some of the pieces.
Appropriate music will guide us through the images.

Date of the exhibition:
11 for April - 15 for September.

Shcedules and prices:
Tuesday to Thursday: 11: 00 - 15: 00 and 17: 00 - 20: 00 h, 5 €.
Friday to Sunday: 11: 00 - 21: 00 h, 7 €.

The ticket can be purchased at the ticket office, online or by calling 902106601.
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