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Gastro Jornadas Calendar

Gastro Jornadas Calendar

Gastro Jornadas Calendar

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    We make a small tour of the culinary events and culinary events of the region, along the first quarter of the 2013, a tour of the Asturian lands tasting the best of each municipality. Gastronomic Days of Asturias Calendar January, February and March of 2013.

    Jornadas Gastronómicas Asturias January

    The Foz (Morcín). XXXIII Quesu Afuega'l Pitu Contest, January 20 Sunday.
    The Brotherhood of La Probe has decided to grant this year its 'Afuega'l Pitu de Oro' award, in its 2013 edition, to the chef Nacho Manzano, for preparing "the best dishes" with this cheese.

    Proaza Festival of the Turnips and the Cheese of Source, January 27 Sunday.
    The menu of these days can be tasted: pot, which takes turnips with compango (accompaniment) with blood sausage, chorizo, ribs and "calamona" or head of desalted pork. Desserts are offered walnut custard and the traditional cheese of the source.

    Gastronomic Days Asturias February

    Amieva Gastronomic Days of the slaughter, all the weekends of February. This popular festival offers a very complete menu: liver soup, cabbage stew, picadillo, boronchu, borona preado, braised tongue, pork hands, tripe, fresh fried loin and homemade desserts. In the days involved restaurants located in the towns of Sames, Santillán, Sellañu, Bidosa and Dobra, and it is necessary to make a reservation for a table.

    Luanco (Gozón). The Calderada of rock fish, weekend closest to 6 in February. The calderada is the star of Luanco in a gastronomic festival that has its roots in the 18th century. It is the Luancan marmite par excellence, whose recipe was brewing on the seafaring boats: potatoes and fish were the basic ingredients of seafood.

    Tineo Gochu Gastronomic Days of the municipality, second weekend of February. The gastronomy in Tineo has an excellent chacinera tradition and high quality in its sausages, also a wide culinary offer of dishes elaborated with the derivatives of the pig, in addition to the traditional Asturian pot that in Tineo has a special touch with the bones of butietso. Accompanying the food is local wine from Tierra de Cangas and dessert frixuelos.

    Ujo (Mieres). Days of Pitu de Caleya (village chicken), second weekend of February. This is a consolidated call in the Asturian winter calendar. Throughout the weekend, the menu that can be tasted in most of the restaurants in the town is basically made up of beans with clams, pitu de caleya and arroz con leche.

    Infiesto (Piloña). Hunting days, in the middle of the month of February, throughout the weekend. The days of hunting often offer a wide menu to choose from: boar, roe deer, quail, duck, deer, deer, chamois, pheasant, hare, partridge ... highlighting dishes such as wild boar with patatini, vegetable rolls stuffed with venison, peppers stuffed with roe deer, or fabes, which alternate with both wild boar and hare or partridge.

    Gastronomic Days Asturias March

    Teverga Gastronomic days of the municipality, second weekend of March. This festival is celebrated coinciding with the arrival of spring. The menu usually consists of tevergana soup made with spelled bread and egg, lamb stew with patatines and hazelnut colineta for dessert, a typical cake of the area with a base of drunken biscuit.

    Pola de Laviana Days of the Cabritu with Patatos or Palatino, second weekend of March. In this festival the star dish has the protagonist the cabritu. The complete menu consists of Corusco soup, kid with patatines, lettuce salad and dessert bartolos.

    San Juan de la Arena (Soto del Barco). Angula Festival, second weekend of March. San Juan de la Arena is a privileged place to catch the angula. Despite the rising price of this dish, the days allow you to taste this excellent dish, prepared in different ways, within a menu that fits all pockets.

    Villaviciosa. Gastronomic Week of Les Fabes, third week of March. This week of exaltation of fabes has become something more than a gastronomic event where menus proliferate with the regional dish. An ambitious cultural development project has emerged, which aims to raise awareness of the town of Villaviciosa in all its aspects: tourism, gastronomy, history, art, landscape, customs and traditions.

    Bañugues (Gozón). Oricio Festival (sea urchin), the date is variable in the month of March. With more than 20 years of tradition, the days are extended over a full weekend. You can taste here cooked or raw oricios, empanada or tortilla. The event is held in a large tent and the prices are cheap.

    Ibias. Days of the Pig, variable during the month of March. The pork is here the star of the menu from the appetizers, made up of sausages made in Ibias. Pot of vegetables with his compango, botelo with white potatoes and for dessert, frixuelos and miñuelos-a kind of buñuelos made with the same pasta as the first ones- accompanied with heather honey from the area. All washed down with Ibias' red wine.

    Tapia de Casariego. Mussel Festival, last weekend March (Holy Week). Populous contest in which the sale of a ton of mussels is exceeded annually at a very economic price and which year after year is a public success.

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