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Cabrales: basic information

Cabrales: basic information

What to see and do, routes, where to sleep and eat ... Cabrales

Cabrales: basic information

What to see and do, routes, where to sleep and eat ... Cabrales

It is one of the councils of ...

It is one of the councils of eastern Asturias with more extension and more natural attractions, since part of the Picos de Europa they are at their limits. It is also well-known worldwide by the famous Cabrales cheese. In the municipality there is the town of Bulnes, which gives its name to the mythical Naranjo (Picu Urriellu), and which now has the added attraction of a funicular that has broken its traditional isolation and places the visitor in the heart of the Peaks. A well-known route is the Ruta del Cares, that crosses one of the most beautiful sections of this sinuous river. High mountain valleys proliferate, such as Pandébano, Camburero, La Tenerosa or Portudera, which act as summer pastures for cattle grazing.

To the north, the Council of Llanes, from which the Sierra del Cuera separates it. To the South with the provinces of León and Cantabria. To the east, the Council of Peñamellera Alta. To the West, the Council of Onís.

How to get there

The main access to Cabrales is the AS-114 regional highway (Cangas de Onís-Panes), which runs through the entire Council.

The company EASA (tel 985290039) maintains two daily bus services, increasing the frequencies in summer.


30 km. of Cangas de Onís.

23 km. of Breads.

36 km. of Llanes.

Brief History

Cabrales, as a complement to its dazzling nature, adds an important Historical Heritage. The caves with cave paintings of La Covaciella, El Bosque and Los Canes, are the first evidence of settlements in the area.

The Romans maintained troops in these lands since they had to watch the mineral exploitations. From this time part of the Caoro's Roman road that reaches the summit of the Caoro to continue to Sotres and Aliva, there it branched off towards Liébana and Valdeón, in Leonese territory.

The average age He left an extraordinary bridge of bridges to cross the rivers of the council. They are conserved, among others, that of La Jaya, Pompedri in La Molina, or La Olla in Berodia.

They can also be seen churches and houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, such as the Casona de Navariego and Casona del Santón in the town of Arangas; the Palace House of the Mestas and Cosio, and the Church of Sta. María de Llas in Arenas, that together with Santa Eulalia de Puertas, rebuilt in the Gothic period on a Romanesque temple, is one of the oldest churches in the council.


San Pedrin, the 1 of August in Arangas.

San Juan and San Pedro, 24 and 29 in June, and the Tambourine, on Easter Sunday, in Arenas.

San Roque, 16 of August, in Asiego.

The Magdalena, in Berodia the 22 of July.

Our Lady of the Snows, the 5 of August in Bulnes.

Our Lady, the 15 of August in Camarmeña.

San Roque, the August 16 in Canales.

Our Lady of Health, Sunday following the September 8.

Corpus Christi, May or June; San Andrés, November 30, in Carreña.

San Ildefonso, the 23 of January in El Escobal.

San Antón, 17 in January and Santa Cruz, 3 in May, in Iguanzo.

San Roque, 16 of August, in Ortiguero.

Santo Tomás, 22 of September, in Pandiello.

The Magdalena, 22 of July, in Poo.

Our Lady of Covadonga, 8 of September, in Sotres.

Santiago, 25 in July, and El Rosario, 7 in October, in Tielve.

What to see and routes

Rura del Cares
More info The Route of the Cares

Picos de Europa
More info The peaks of Europe

More info Bulnes

More info Sotres

Naranjo de Bulnes
More info Naranjo de Bulnes


Cabrales Cheese Contest, last Sunday of August.

More info Cabrales Cheese Contest

Town hall: 985 84 50 21.

Tourist Office (summer): 985 84 64 84.
More info Cabrales

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.2869530 Length: -4.7660065 qualifying.

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