You can see in these videos, in a resounding and clear way, the outrage that the Rompeolas Restaurant has committed in the neighborhood since the spring of 2018. The residents of the restaurant have been suffering this torment for two long years: exorbitant fumes (for eight and ten hours a day), a noise incessant of the chimney extractor (without any maintenance and with scandal vibrations, totally contrary to the noise regulations), strong and permanent odors grilled (which can be clearly imagined by watching the videos and which force us to close doors and windows tightly and bolt) and, what is much worse, suffering extremely high levels of toxicity in the air, the result of a coal combustion that exceeds the permitted levels by more than 10 times (and sometimes 15 times) and is highly carcinogenic.

The fireplace in question does not comply with the regulations neither in height (located just two meters from the ground, at the level of the first floor of the annex buildings) nor does it keep the distances established with the nearby houses at all, and to top it off it is attached to a wall that is not owned by the restaurant. It has a contrary report from the Ministry of the Environment, with a contrary technical report also from the municipal technicians, and with the closure warning from the Ribadesella town hall itself; currently on trial with the restaurant on account of the fireplace, the grill and the raised gazebo in the old bowling alley. It's more, the restaurant is not licensed For all this terrace area, including the grill activity, it does not have any type of permit to support a capacity three times higher than that guaranteed by the traditional Rompeolas license. In other words, it has been operating for almost three years without the corresponding license that would allow it to guarantee the safety of its facilities.

At the beginning of this year a judge granted them very precautionary measures to prevent the city council from ipso facto closing their terrace in the month of December 2019, measures that, among other things, committed them to the removal of the fireplace within two months. We are in September and things continue as can be seen. Moreover, during the grace period of the precautionary measures, subject as they were to "caution" for presuming the "clandestine" activity of a large part of the business, put the safety of two hundred young people at risk of this town organizing a New Year's Eve party (until dawn), precisely in the facilities that do not have a license and that are in question by the administration and by regional justice. They repeated a similar party in February with a nightly celebration of comadres. All this without counting on the disco or dance hall license.

It is difficult to understand that a local businessman with a long history in the sector acted in such a crazy way, and that he passes it all through the lining (speaking in silver). But the neighbors are not willing to allow him to continue playing with our health in this reckless way; we are not willing to get sick so you can continue to do business at our expense. We have already appeared in the judgment that maintains with the city council and we will not give up until you disassemble the chimney and suffer the penalty that corresponds to him for spending all this time playing with public health.

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