Landing in Bowls

Tazones saves the essence of the Asturian village, but in this case a peculiar village, with granaries, but open to the sea, with the air of a villa. The recesses of its physiognomy resemble the capricious folds of a network that rests in the port and has trapped its 300 inhabitants. Here and there we find lines, small roads that intersect with others in a friendly labyrinth.

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Stoned streets and low houses. There are also roads that do not lead anywhere in particular, perhaps to an unbeatable promontory to enjoy the view. We put ourselves where we put ourselves always discover Bowls like a different people, colorista, almost symmetrical, in soft fall to the sea. The whole town is a giant mirror, and he likes to look at himself from all positions. Its reflection in the sea is romantic, almost narcissistic, a point of no return in which reality beats sweetly and evaporates.

Tazones is a small space of color in the Asturian cosmos. His coast, hard but also respectful, welcomes him in his arms, embraces him, and the town has been growing in this maritime grip. His friendship with the sea is as always, and the paintings of its balconies and windows they are so intense and so bright that they imitate the days of open sun on their nearby sea.

The smell of cider, seafood and fish reaches us on the main road. There is an appetizing offer of winches and restaurants that feed on native fishing. A work that is treated with care and that has port, brotherhood, cetarea and marine facilities for its performance. What we do not see is any whale because Tazones has left behind that stage of whaling port, which gave him the reputation of an intrepid town.

How to get to Tazones

When we get closer to the town we already sense that we are not going anywhere, our spirit is that of explorers looking for something intense. From Villaviciosa we take a local road attached to the laugh. Later on we see from the heights the Rodiles beach, admirable in proportions and beauty. From there to Tazones we descend continuously on a paved road, with the added suspense of its dozens of twilight curves. The lush vegetation seems to end up blocking our way. But we suddenly reach sea level like someone discovering by surprise the anteroom of a large cave, in this case without stone tunnels, open to a bluish and heavenly horizon with a beach included.

Landing of Carlos V in Bowls

Fame also attributes regal character. The royalty of Tazones comes from inheritance. Here it is said that he disembarked no less than Carlos V, owner of an endless empire, on his first trip to Spain the 19 September 1517. We imagine that his landing in the finite Bowls was like stepping on a tiny but very beautiful planet. He came to take charge of his crown and in Tazones he began the discovery of his Iberian kingdom.

This is one of the many reasons and merits for which the town holds the title of Artistic Historic Site of the Principality of Asturias. Now, there are people who do not believe that this is a historical fact, but something closer to the legend, and one position and another are irreconcilable and tend to fuel good discussions. But whether it happened or not, it has taken on a life of its own, has given rise to a festive tradition. Neighbors commemorate annually, every August 17 or "San Roquín" day, this date indicated with a simulated landing of Carlos V. A staging which from the beginning has attracted thousands of onlookers, as well as a good press device due to the authenticity it arouses. Along with the illustrious personage of Carlos V also parade, dressed in period costumes, numerous neighbors, representing being the members of his court and servants. The details are so well cared for that if it were true that Carlos V had not landed here, then we should believe almost nothing of what happens in this world and deny the official history to give more credit to fiction, which also insists on exist and often engages entire communities in true and tangible devotions. The fictitious landing takes place within the framework of the most important festivals in Tazones, which pay tribute to San Roque on August 15, 16 and 17. The tradition sends the saint in procession by the sea, accompanied by the fishermen of the town with their boats adorned. Next to San Roque the Virgen del Carmen is also taken in procession.

Jurassic Coast

In the stones that surround the town we discover the first history of Tazones, its protohistory. We ran into one of the most important deposits of dinosaur footprints across Europe, a generous contribution to the increasingly popular Asturian Jurassic coast. In the vicinity of the local lighthouse we find a multitude of tridactyl ichnites that cross in several directions and constitute several traces, as well as a trail of tail drag. For its part, on the beach we see another explanatory panel that tells us that at about 120 meters we can see the traces of these monsters from the past. On the cliff of the west end of Tazones, a few meters after passing the breakwater of the port, there is a magnificent example of vertical failure of Jurassic composition. A few meters ahead we see traces of roots and paleosols.

Approaching Tazones is a good idea, and a good way to spend free time. The view is recreated, it eats well, the immediate sea relaxes us and there are enough mobiles to not sit too long, walk and leave our anonymous footprints like a good day left Carlos V or the dinosaurs of another era. For more information about the Jurassic in Asturias

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