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Berrea in Asturias 2020

Berrea in Asturias 2020
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Several areas of the Asturian geography offer this autumn spectacle. We can enjoy the bellowing in areas of Piloña, Nava, Teverga, Proaza, Somiedo, Ponga, the Redes Park, Aller ...

· Sierra de Peñamayor, Nava
This atypical year, marked by the Covid-19 health crisis, has required reorganizing some of the tourist activities that were usually carried out in the Cider Region. One of them is the sighting, during the bellowing season, of deer that roam freely in the Sierra naveta de Peñamayor. It has been considered appropriate to replace the usual format, which had been carried out with the organization of guided visits to groups accompanied by members of the Nava hunters group (Agrudeca), with a safer formula and what has come to call "Self-visits to the bellowing of the Deer". This format consists of making available to potential interested parties a set of maps and locations so that they can travel to the mountains independently and by their own means, and easily find the best posts in which to hear the roar of the kings of the mountain. These maps, prepared in collaboration with Agrudeca, will be available for viewing on the web www.lacomarcadelasidra.combeing able also downloaded in KMZ format for use in GPS navigators. To this information, some recommendations will be added to make the most of the experience and of course the need to comply, also in the mountains, with the Covid-19 prevention measures.

Every year the spectacle of the bellowing attracts a huge number of people to the Sierra de Peñamayor, mainly in the sunsets and sunrises of the days that pass between mid-September and early October. Time of greatest activity of the deer and when the forest begins to be tinged with the tones of autumn, providing a visual spectacle difficult to forget, and that makes this Sierra de Nava one of the natural spaces of the Cider Region with greater capacity tourist attraction.

· Municipio de Aller
La asociación turística de Aller ha preparado salidas y paquetes con pernoctaciones con especial incidencia en la seguridad sanitaria frente a la covid-19. Las salidas -que correrán a cargo de los guías de la empresa local Jarascada- tendrán lugar durante los fines de semana hasta octubre.
Once establecimientos turísticos ofrecen paquetes de alojamiento y excursión para observar este espectáculo natural.
Los participantes deben disponer de una buena condición física para realizar la ruta de montaña y superar el desnivel de la misma.

Berrea in Asturias

Photo: Jairo Palacios

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