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Berrea in Asturias 2019

Berrea in Asturias 2019

Berrea in Asturias 2019
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    When autumn approaches our mountains there is a unique show that nature offers: the bellowing of the deer. Here we offer you the 2019 AGENDA with the days of guided tours.
    In Asturias you can enjoy in several areas: in the Comarca de la Sidra, in Aller, in Ponga, the Sierra del Sueve, in Teverga ...

    Berrea in Peñamayor

    Visits organized by the group of hunters of Nava, in collaboration with the City of Nava and the Commonwealth Comarca de la Sidra. It is an incomparable activity that you can enjoy in the mountainous massif of Peñamayor.

    Days: September 27 and 28, and October 4 and 5
    Meeting point: Nava Visitor Reception Center

    Time: 16.30 pm
    Approximate duration: 4.00 h
    Free activity

    It will be necessary to travel by vehicle on behalf of the user, in which it will be traveled by unpaved roads and in which low vehicles could rub against the ground.
    *** It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, as well as the use of binoculars to enjoy the show in detail.

    Yes, make your reservation a specific date click on the following links, there is a limited number of places, it is essential to reserve in advance.
    It will be necessary to complete the data for each participant individually.

    The people participating in the observation of the deer bellowing in the Sierra de Peñamayor, whose accompaniment is carried out by the Nava hunters group (AGRUDECA) in collaboration with the Nava City Council and the Comarca de la Sidra Commonwealth, unload and exempt, to the aforementioned entities, of any civil or other liability that may arise from the circumstances that occurred during said activity. In the same way they indicate that they assume all the risks inherent to this activity, carrying it out voluntarily. Likewise, they authorize their image to be used in promotional media developed by both AGRUDECA, such as the Ayto de Nava and the Comarca de la Sidra Commonwealth.

    · Visit the September 27 Book September 27
    · Visit the September 28 Book September 28
    · Visit the October 4 Book on October 4
    · Visit the October 5 Book on October 5

    Berrea in the Sierra del Sueve

    · Dates: Saturdays 5 and 12 of October the 10: 00 hours.
    · Meeting Point : Interpretation Center of Sueve.
    · Duration: all day.
    · Cost: € 20,00.
    · Difficulty: Medium, 13/14 years old.
    · Guides of the route: Juancho Aspra and Julio Fernández.
    · Limit of places in each route: 25.

    · October 5 Tour: Mirador del Fitu - Pico Pienzu - Gobiendes (through the Tejos Forest) 3,5 km flat, 2,5 km with 560 meters of elevation gain and 9 km with 1.000 meters of elevation gain.
    Route that has a first part from the Mirador del Fitu to the Picu Pienzu, with great panoramic views, both of the Cantabrian, as of Picos de Europa and, the second part is inserted in the largest yew forest of the Iberian Peninsula, where You can enjoy in these dates the zeal of the fallow deer, the hoarse.

    · October 12 Tour: Alto de la Llama - Majada de Espineres - Pico Pienzu - Gobiendes (through the Tejos Forest) 4,5 km with 450 meters of elevation gain, 4,5 km with 300 meters of elevation gain and 9 km with 1.000 meters slope downhill.
    Route that has a first part of the Alto de la Llama to the Majada de Espineres, with great panoramic view of the Center of Asturias (Siero, Oviedo, Piloña Nava, Gijón and Villaviciosa), a second part of grazing areas of cows and asturcones in chalks of limestone zone, and, a third part that part is inserted in the largest yew forest of the Iberian Peninsula, where you can enjoy in these dates the zeal of the fallow deer, the husky.

    *** Advance reservation: 655 80 97 73, up to 14: 00 h. Friday 4 in October and Friday 11 in October or through an email to info@sierradelsueve.es with the following information:
    · Data to be attached of each participating person: name and surname, age, ID number, NIE or Passport, telephone number (if possible mobile), email and address.
    * Deadline to send the email: Thursday, October 3 and 10 at 23:00 p.m.

    Berrea in the Natural Park of Redes

    Dates: Saturdays 21 of September and 5 of October.
    Meeting point: Tanes at 6 in the morning.
    Beginning of the activity: Collada Arnicio at 6.30 h.
    End of Activity: 10.30 h.
    Price: 15 € / person.
    Reservation: through the company associated to Natural Networks of your choice (see section companies). Choose the day, call the company associated to Redes Natural chosen and make the reservation. They will confirm your availability as soon as possible so you can schedule your visit to Networks.
    Requirements: Warm clothes (not very bright colors), water protection garment, mountain footwear. If you have binoculars and front, bring them. But, above all, it makes you want to enjoy!

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