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«La Berrea» autumn 2017

«La Berrea» autumn 2017

Free guided tours

"La Berrea" autumn 2017

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    If you want to participate in guided tours of the deer rut in Asturias this fall 2017 we give you all the necessary information.

    Berrea in Peñamayor

    They are organized by the grouping of hunters of Nava, in collaboration with the City council of Nava and the Commonwealth Region of the Cider. It is an incomparable activity that you can enjoy in the mountainous massif of Peñamayor.

    Meeting point: Nava Visitor Reception Center
    Time: 16.30 pm
    Approximate duration: 4.00 h
    Free activity

    It will be necessary to travel by vehicle on behalf of the user, in which it will be traveled by unpaved roads and in which low vehicles could rub against the ground. It is recommended to attend with appropriate clothing and footwear, as well as the use of binoculars.

    Yes, make your reservation a specific date click on the following links, there is a limited number of places, it is essential to reserve in advance.
    It will be necessary to complete the data for each participant individually.

    · Visit the September 29 Book September 29
    · Visit the September 30 Book September 30
    · Visit the October 6 Book on October 6
    · Visit the October 7 Book on October 7

    Berrea in the Park of Ponga

    He too Ponga natural park It hosts guided itineraries to enjoy the 16 rorea from September to the 9 in October. The fee is 15 euros per participant, and it is necessary to book in advance during the week on the 663 75 48 38 phone. Departures take place at sunset and / or sunrise.

    Berrea in the Sierra del Sueve

    · October 1 Mirador del Fitu -Picu Pienzu- Gobiendes
    560 m. of rise (7 Km.) and 1.100 m. of descent (8,5 km.). Complete day. 20 € person.

    · October 8 High of the Flame -Picu Pienzu- Gobiendes
    760 m. of rise (9 Km.) and 1.100 m. of descent (8,5 km.). Complete day. 20 € person.

    The meeting point is the Interpretation Center Sierra del Sueve, the departure time to the 9: 30 hours. Obligatory reservation required at www.sierradelsueve.es

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