Beaches with dogs in Gijón

Gijón is one of the cities with more dogs in Spain and therefore in almost all parks there are spaces to release dogs, many places where they are welcome and many leisure alternatives with them. In the municipality of Gijón there are new regulations regarding the access of dogs to the sand. If you have a dog as a best friend, you are interested in this info.

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Dogs can access the beach of El Rinconín throughout the year and the urban beach of San Lorenzo between the 2-8 stairs outside the bathing season (between the 1 in October and the 30 in April). For more information call 985 14 14 14 (Emulsa). Access is prohibited to the rest of the beaches.

In addition, Gijón / Xixón has more than 40 spaces in green areas where dogs can be released and without muzzle inside the signalized enclosure.
In these spaces, the authorization / prohibition of use as a dog area is regulated in legal terms by the existing signage in each zone (Article 6 - Aptdo. 5 Regulatory Ordinance for the Protection and Tenure of Pets of the Municipality of Gijón / Xixón), each user being obliged to guarantee compliance, in addition to the following general rules of use:

* Do not release qualified dogs as potentially dangerous and use muzzle in the cases regulated in the current Ordinance (Regulated in Article 6-Aptdos 1 and 5, Ordinance).
* Monitor your animals avoiding inconvenience to third parties.
* Assume responsibility in case of damages.
* Collect excrement in closed bags and deposit them in the bins disposed for that purpose (Article 8 Ordinance).

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