Nudist beaches of Asturias

To enjoy nature

Nudist beaches of Asturias

To enjoy nature

Every time there are more people who practice nudism in Spain and from here we want to contribute our bit, we want to make known the nudist beaches of our land. The nudist or naturist philosophy promotes being in contact with nature without clothes. Nudism emerged in India at 1891 although it was in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, when the naturist movement began.
Do not miss the best nudist beaches in Asturias!

This list of nudist beaches in Asturias should be understood only as indicative of the places most frequented by nudists, without assuming any guarantee of finding other nudists the day we approach them.

Nudist beaches of Tapia de Casariego

Beach of Mexota in Serantes: 43º 33 '18.85 "N - 6º 59' 16.15" W

Nudist beaches of Valdés

Barayo Beach: 43º 33 '40.229 "N - 6º 36' 49.571" W
Otur Beach: 43º 33 ′ 8.382 ″ N - 6º 35 ′ 49.156 ″ W. They share their use of nudists and «textiles».

Nudist beaches of Tapia de Cudillero

El Silencio beach: 43º 33 '55.792 "N - 6º 17' 51.557" W. Of complicated access and minimal activity, which constitutes conquered territory for the first one to arrive.
Oleiros Beach: 43º 34 ′ 20.190 ″ N - 6º 12 ′ 0.483 ″ W. They share their use of nudists and «textiles».

Castrillón nudist beaches

Playa de Sablón or Playón de Berries: 43º 34 '34.326 "N - 6º 2' 25.877" W
Horn Beach: 43º 34 '37.711 "N - 5º 58' 54.317" W

Gozón nudist beaches

Xagó Beach: 43º 36 ′ 11.092 ″ N - 5º 55 ′ 4.429 ″ W. They share their use of nudists and «textiles».
Agüilera Beach: 43º 37 '26.385 "N - 5º 53' 54.29" W

Nudist beaches of Tapia de Carreño

Peña María Beach: 43º 34 '6.034 "N - 5º 43' 1.855" W

Nudist beaches of Gijón

Poniente Beach: 43º 32 ′ 32.212 ″ N - 5º 40 ′ 22.835 ″ W. “Recommended” nudism in the eastern part of 1 September to June 30.
Peñarrubia Beach: 43º 32 ′ 54.37 ″ N - 5º 38 ′ 20.21 ″ W. They share their use of nudists and «textiles».
Serín Beach: 43º 33 '2.304 "N - 5º 36' 40.06" W

Nudist beaches of Ribadesella

Vega Beach: 43º 28 ′ 46.772 ″ N - 5º 8 ′ 23.276 ″ W. They share their use of nudists and «textiles».

Nudist beaches of Llanes

Gulpiyuri Beach: 43º 26 '49.336 "N - 4º 53' 3.451" W
Torimbia Beach: 43 26 32.71 "N - 4º 51 '7.85" W
San Martin Beach: 43º 25 '54.99 "N - 4º 48' 7.55" W
La Ballota Beach: 43º 24 ′ 57.25 ″ N - 4º 43 ′ 7.14 ″ W. They share their use of nudists and «textiles».
Tayada Beach: 43º 26 '17.831 "N - 4º 48' 57.266" W. Of complicated access and minimum activity, which constitutes territory conquered for the first one that arrives.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5724945 Length: -6.2036276
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