Beaches for children in Asturias

To enjoy in a big way

To enjoy in a big way

Although there is always extreme caution, there are Asturian beaches that facilitate a peaceful day with children. Beaches that have ideal conditions for the little ones to enjoy and the elderly lower their guard a little.

The ideal beach to go with children is one that has easy access, that is clean, with abundant and fine sand, calm, without currents or strong waves, little windy, without covering on the shore, with lifeguard and first aid posts, and if possible located in a green and natural environment, peaceful in turn, that is not too overcrowded, with various services such as toilets, showers, bars or restaurants, children's play area ...

Very few meet all these requirements, but to a greater or lesser extent the list of beaches that we propose guarantee a high percentage of satisfaction for families, complying with the basic principles of fun for children: being able to get wet without risks, being able to fall floor without getting hurt, having natural attractions or special areas for their games, whether to play ball, make castles, fortifications or chase crabs with a net.

We present them from West to East, first the beaches of western Asturias, ending with the eastern ones.

Beach of Peñarronda

In the municipality of Tapia de Casariego, it offers a very fine sand and an extraordinary beauty in the environment, especially the central islet that is in the middle of the beach. It has very good access and services, including an extensive parking. More than for its bathing conditions, the beach is ideal for children because the beach offers colorful corners and is ideal for playing at ease.
More info Beach of Peñarronda

Frejulfe Beach

It is located in the western municipality of Navia and has been declared a Natural Monument. Surrounded by mountains and forests, the Frejulfe river flows into it, ideal for young children to splash around. It is a good option for the elderly, who look for wild beaches, enjoy an unforgettable landscape with the little ones controlled in the stream. The bath on the shore depends on the maritime conditions.
More info Frejulfe Beach

Beach of Bañugues

It is a beach located in the municipio of Gozón, about 20 kilometers from Gijón, it has a length of 131 meters and a width of 400 meters. Its waters are calm, the waves are minimal and the green flag almost always waves, ideal for children to swim. We also have to walk a lot so that we start covering the water. The low tide leaves small pools in the sand.
More info Beach of Bañugues

Rodiles Beach

The beach of Rodiles, in Villaviciosa, owns the Blue Flag, it is a large sandy beach, one of the largest in Asturias. It has a length of 1 Km. And an average width of 300m, allowing a huge dry area still at high tide. Although the beach itself has a frequent swell, there are swimming areas suitable for children in the area of ​​the estuary, such as the beach of Misiego or the beach of Miami, which is accessed by following the seafront, after crossing a wide picnic space with dozens of tables and banks enabled.
More info Rodiles Beach

Beach of La Griega

Near the towns of Colunga and Lastres, it is the largest beach in the area, famous above all for its dinosaur footprints. It has very good access and a huge parking lot, has services such as beach bars and showers. It is ideal to go with children since in the shore the water covers very little. When the tide comes down, small pools are formed on the beach where the little ones can play at their ease.
More info Beach of La Griega

Santa Marina beach

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Asturias and the busiest. It has numerous services and an unparalleled promenade. At low tide the sand is multiplied and offers numerous attractions and enough space no matter how high the sand occupation is. Children enjoy their small raids on the western beach pedrero. When the sea is rough, there is always a special bathing area for them, in the well-known «Punta del Arenal», at the eastern end of the beach, converging with the mouth of the Sella.
More info Santa Marina beach

Beach of Guadamía

Border beach between the municípios of Llanes and Ribadesella. It has the category of protected landscape. The beach is surprising. A narrow channel, elongated between the cliffs. There are few beaches so protected from the onslaught of the sea. At the beginning of its long tongue, where the waters tend to settle, the depth is scarce and ideal for children. At low tide, what remains is a long sandy beach, ideal for beach games and sunbathing.
More info Beach of Guadamía

Beach of Barro

Very sheltered and with all kinds of services in the vicinity. It has 300 meters in length and shell shape; in front of it are two small islands that protect it from the open sea. It is only 6 km from the villa Llanes.
More info Beach of Barro

Poo Beach

In the municipality of Llanes and only two kilometers from the capital of the council, is one of the most claims offered to children. Here the water is exceptionally peaceful. So much so that when the tide rises more it looks like a saltwater pool. It turns out to be a very special corner since it is very sheltered from the waves and does not present any sharp differences. It has an elongated shape, furrowed on its right flank by the Vallina river. The sand is white and fine.
More info Poo Beach

Beach of La Franca

Main sandy area of ​​the council of Ribadedeva, is a sandy beach, wide and attractive for families, with good facilities and easy access. At high tide, La Franca beach becomes a large, shallow pool. With low tide you have to be more careful in the bathroom, although the waves are leaving wells where small children can splash without the least risk.
More info Beach of La Franca

If you know of any more that is interesting, share that info with us.

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