Beaches of Tapia

Coquettish urban beaches

Coquettish urban beaches

Tapia has a lot of coast, cliffs happen ...

Tapia has a lot of coast, cliffs happen to good beaches; calm waters that invite bathing and waves brave enough to surf.
We detail the information of all the urban beaches that you can find in the locality.

Beach of Anguileiro / La Grande / Campos

It is the urban beach par excellence of Tapia, formed by the beach of the Fields and its continuation, the beach of the Ribeiría.
It is the busiest all year since it is preferred by surfers, hosting annually renowned championships of that specialty. Besides surfing, other sports that are practiced in it are sport and underwater fishing.

The Anguileiro River leaves behind its meanders and pours its waters into it. It has fine sand of toasted color, its length of about 410 meters and an average width of 563 meters, and has a good number of services: daily surveillance, parking, picnic area, seasonal kiosks, showers, telephones, promenade, umbrellas and beach cleaning service. Its quality is guaranteed by the Blue Flag from 1997.

Beach of Maleguas, As Furadas and Ribeiría

From the beach of the Campos, walking towards the fishing port, along the seafront of the town, you can enjoy excellent views of the cliffs of Tapia. As you walk, these three secluded urban beaches mentioned above form a single sandy area of ​​great tourist and scenic attraction at low tide.

Natural pool

Its salt water is another attraction, added to the free entrance. It is located next to the seafront and for its construction the old cetarea has been used. The wood covers almost the entire installation and will be largely used for people to sunbathe.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5680428 Length: -6.9476647
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