Poniente Beach

The youngest beach in Gijón

Artificial and urban, Poniente is a young beach, with just a decade of existence, created in the middle of the 90 years in the western part of the city, in the area known as Development, between the marina and the shipyards of Gijón. It reaches a length of about 500 meters and a surface of 140.000 square meters at low tide and some 60.000 at high tide.

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Es very busy and easily accessible, with a wide central staircase and access for people with mobility difficulties. It has a shell shape and very little waves, it is a sheltered beach given its orientation, in which the green flag always flies. Highly recommended, therefore, for children's bath, which also have permanent leisure facilities in the sand itself, a complete beach playground equipment.

Its waters are especially suitable for the practice of water activities. In Poniente we can take sailing courses or rent a sailboat, practice canoeing or scuba diving. Its internal sea is also exceptional for lovers of windsurf, because in this port area, oriented perfectly to the northwest, the wind enters very well. And for all those who want to spend some time navigating on a pedal, abound the boats of these characteristics that we can rent in the same beach.

Poniente Beach: the most accessible beach in Spain

The 2015 summer will mean a change in this beach, it will have total accessibility when the multi-service building for the disabled begins to operate. A device of 80 square meters located next to Talasoponiente; this new building will have adapted bathrooms, showers, lockers, a library and, above all, one of the elements that will make the Poniente one the most accessible in Spain: wheelchair users have a crane that facilitates basic activities.

There are also audio guides for people with vision problems: some wristbands that indicate to the swimmer how far it is from the shore, the depth of the water and ensures a quiet bath since they have a button to press if they are found wrong.

Several walkways allow direct access to the water without stepping on the sand, although this wooden carpet will not be fixed all year round due to tides and winter storms.
There are also several pergolas for those allergic to the sun.

Sport and fun

Poniente is, above all, a dynamic, playful and sporty beach, not only because of its good conditions for sailing or for children's games, but also because its urban profile, surrounded by a wide walk, open squares, modern avant-garde buildings and bike lanes, makes skates, bicycles and jogging proliferate, as well as numerous benches that attract the rest of a crowd of passers-by and two more children's spaces with swings and attractions, in addition to the proximity, a few 200 meters from the beach, at the end of the promenade, of the Aquarium of Gijón, one of the most cited attractions of the city of Gijón.

Westeros is also the headquarters of numerous sports initiativess, and in its arena it is common to find equipment Beach volleyball, competing daily thanks to networks installed in the sand itself. The beach, because of its great qualities for this sport specialty, is one of the venues of the national beach volleyball championship. It also hosts every year a popular crossing to swim, which attracts many fans and professionals of swimming, in which everyone competes to get first to the beach of Arbeyal, distant about two kilometers from Poniente.

Its environment is also a frequent scenario of cultural initiatives, especially in summer. Concerts and musical marathons They happen on summer nights.

Crowded and popular, this is the reconstructed space for public leisure, and part of an ambitious proposal for the rehabilitation of a huge coastal walk that in Gijón you can start in the Campa de Torres, located at the western end of the council, and then go through the regenerated beaches of Arbeyal, in the Barrio de la Calzada, where previously were the Riera and Marítima del Musel Shipyards, and Playa de Poniente itself, located in the area occupied by Astilleros del Cantábrico, in the Natahoyo neighborhood. The walk from Poniente Beach continues along San Lorenzo Beach, Rinconín Park, Cervigón Coastal Path, Cabo de San Lorenzo Park and East Coast Path to the eastern boundary of the municipality of La Ñora Beach. A walk of dimensions and unique beauty in the Bay of Biscay.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5428886 Length: -5.6748676


The beach of Poniente has showers and toilets, bins, containers, parking, public address system, access for the disabled and daily sand cleaning. First aid and rescue boat services, in addition to marking in the bathing areas, and shuttle / launching channels for boats.

The western area has a very good access given its location in the city, perfectly communicated with inter-urban and regional transport, given that the train and bus stations of Gijón are very close.

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