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The Cue beach is located about 2 km. of Llanes and at the foot of the mountain range of its name; In the town of Cué there are interesting samples of popular architecture of Indian influence, a tour of its streets will transport us to experiences of yesteryear.

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This Llanes beach has 380 meters in length by 40 meters wide. Normally the level of occupation of Cué / Antilles beach is medium. Semi-urban beach whose composition is white sand. Beach located in a pleasant rocky environment and cliffs that enjoys calm waters and moderate influx of public in summer.

It belongs to the protected landscapes of the East Coast.

Accesses: With car

Boardwalk: No

Composition: White sand

Bathroom: Calm waters

Anchoring: No

Nudist: No

Signposted accesses: Yes

Signs of rescue: Yes

Parking: Yes. No. Places: 50-100

Access adapted for the disabled: No

Toilets: No

Showers: Yes

Public telephones: No

Bins: Yes

Rental of umbrellas and hammocks: No

Kiosks: No

Diving areas: No

How to get to Cué beach

It has road access from the town of Cué, which is reached by the LLN-2 highway, from Llanes - the shortest route - or from San Roque, passing in this case by Andrín and the Mirador de la Boriza. Between the village and the beach a distance of about 600 meters. There is a small area to leave the cars parked.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4152260 Length: -4.7311058
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