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Ballota Beach

The castro Ballota de vigía

Ballota Beach

The castro Ballota de vigía

These two contiguous beaches are located in the central-eastern area of ​​the municipality of Llanes, Andrín beach next to the town of the same name and the beach of Ballota near the town of Cué. A promontory, the Punta el Pandón, physically separates them.

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The Beach of Ballota has an extension of 350 meters of length and about 62 meters of width, with form of almost perfect shell. The average level of occupation is medium / high in the summer season. Semi-urban beach without a promenade, which is mainly composed of fine bowling and white sand. The usual state of the sea is strong and windy waves, so we must be careful.

In front of it is the island known as Castro Ballota, which characterizes it, a coastal island where the yellow-legged gull and the European storm petrel nest.

Nearby is the golf course La Cuesta de Llanes, which has privileged views of the entire coast of Llanes.

How to get to the beach of La Ballota and Andrín

Access to the beach La Ballota: The LL-2 road from Llanes, Cué, or LL-2 by Andrín until it overpasses the La Boriza viewpoint, in both cases there is a sign where a track starts. land that, saving a steep slope, leads to a small parking space. The rest of the way is covered on foot.

To the beach of Andrín it is arrived taking the detour towards the town of Andrín in the roundabout of San Roque of the Acebal, is crossed the town to continue, by a narrow asphalted way, until the zone of parking located in a stop on the sandy ground. To the beach you reach on foot by a path.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4112206 Length: -4.7142076
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