Aguilar Beach

The enchanted beach

Aguilar Beach

The enchanted beach

The Aguilar Beach is the busiest in the municipality of Muros del Nalón. It has more than 640 square meters of which a small part belong to the neighboring council of Cudillero. It is thus located on the central-western coast of Asturias, which surprises with its visual richness, and where the watchtowers proliferate from which to make out the beach and rocky horizon.

Of fine golden sand, it is surrounded by soft cliffs and forests, with carved rocks that seem to emerge from the sand as intentional silhouettes, the most striking and emblematic being the Peña del Caballar, a natural statue in the center of the beach.

The quality waters of this beach, its soft touch sand and its beach services give it a prestigious status; distinguished since the 80 decade with the Blue flag of the European Community, can boast of being one of the first to obtain this distinction and keep it constant for two decades. Among its services it also highlights one of the most representative recreational areas of the Asturian coast, as its location in contact with nature and on foot of the beach, make it a unique place for leisure, with a high level of equipment and a varied offer hostelry

It is ideal for the practice of watersports like diving, surfing and even for the anchoring of recreational boats, since it is a very sheltered beach. In addition to bathers, it usually welcomes cane fishermen, that in any season they approach it in search of Sea Bass, Sargos, Chopas, Turbines, Lisas, Julias or Mirlotos.

In summer It is very fecuentada given its good access, either from the town of Muros or from El Pitu (Cudillero); in spite of which the western zone is always quiet and solitary and in it the practice of nudism is habitual.

The beach of Aguilar also has an ancestral legend, because on the edge of it, in the popular mount Castiellu, in one of its caves lives an Asturian fairy, a Xana for more signs, of the most cited by Asturian mythology. The xana in question is delighted. Her parents loved her for committing a very serious fault. And the incantation can only be broken if a brave knight takes it down from his cave to the beach, without stopping on the road and without letting it fall to the ground. The gentleman who did this would get many riches and the Xana would give him a treasure stored in a pinto hide. So far nobody has been able to break the charm.

And the charms proliferate in this stretch of coast everywhere, not only in the mundane sun and sea baths, or in the xana that watches bathers, but also in the well-known Path of the Viewpoints: one of the most beautiful walks that can be made in the Bay of Biscay. Without hurry but without pause, this is how you have to face this route of about 5 kilometers if you want to appreciate the spectacular scenery that it offers us. We walk on the beach itself, connected to the beach attached to Xilo through a long staircase. From here the visitor can enjoy different rest areas and viewpoints such as Los Glayos, Miradoiro, Las Llanas, etc. Along the path, stone-faced firm, we find several sources in which to supply us with drinking water, bridges that allow to cross small streams, cliffs of impression as the one of the Cazonera, as well as a leafy forest, that of Reborio. The route ends at the hermitage of the Holy Spirit where there is another excellent viewpoint, from there, with only descending about four hundred steps, we reach San Esteban de Pravia, at the mouth of the Nalón River.


Aguilar beach is accessible by road AS-317, which connects Muros de Nalón with Cudillero, and has a parking area.

The adjacent roads of Campufríu and Veneiru can be reached by the same road; both also have parking areas.

From Muros del Nalón there is a bus line that covers the 2 kilometers of distance that go to the beaches.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5559502 Length: -6.1173248
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