Crazy Cars Ribadedeva 2017

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Crazy Cars Ribadedeva 2017
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The seventh edition of "Locos Autos" will be held on Saturday October 28 from the 16,00 h., it is organized by the Ribadedeva City Council and the Ribadedeva Culture and Nature Association.

The urban track will go through the streets of Colombres, some 200 m. approximately, with enough slope so that the vehicles can roll without mechanical propulsion. The route for children will be smaller. The circuit goes from the "Casa de Piedra" to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and as always is considered as a non-competitive activity in which Above all, the originality and design of the "bolides" will be valued.

The vehicles presented to this race must be designed and prepared by the participants and can not be motorized or driven by any type of traction (or pedals, or engines).

· The occupants must wear protective helmets, long pants, long-sleeved shirts and a pair of gloves.

· The cars must be equipped with at least three wheels, steering and an effective braking system. Cars designed with chassis or axles of automobiles will not be accepted.

· The participation of wheelchairs, skateboards, bicycles or any vehicle of common use that is not properly adapted and adapted to the regulations will not be allowed.

· The participating teams may be composed of a maximum number of occupants 3, being able to be formed by one or two participants.

· Registration will be free and must be made until October 27 day at 20,00 h. in the House of Culture "Casa de Piedra" in Colombres (Tf. 985 41 22 35), anyone can sign up, whether or not it is a neighbor of the municipality. To be able to participate in this contest it is mandatory to be registered. Different categories and prizes have been set according to the ages of the participants: A1 up to 9 years, A2 from 9 to 15 years and A3 over 16 years.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.3745918 Length: -4.5407815

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