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The kitchen of Gijón

The local kitchen of Gijón

The tastiest of Gijón

In the Asturian kitchen, the city of Gijón occupies a central place. It is possibly due ...
The gastronomy of Oviedo

The Gastronomy of Oviedo

Savoring Oviedo

Oviedo combines the traditional, new and specialized cookery, always using all the natu ...
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The cheese of Gamoneu

The cheese of Gamoneu

Enjoy the taste of Gamoneu

This gastronomy is located in the heart of the National Park of the Peaks of Europe. Th ...
The Cantabrian seafood

The Cantabrian seafood

Enjoy seafood!

Before enjoying our meal, we should think first about the difficult catching the seafoo ...
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The Cabrales Cheese

The Cabrales Cheese

The king of cheeses is in Cabrales

The area of ​​elaboration covers the municipality of Cabrales and three other border town ...
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Asturian veal

The Asturian Veal

"Asturian Red Meat"

The Asturian pastures are the raw material of its meat. The green landscape of this com ...

The Asturian Cuisine

Well done dishes

This Asturian cuisine is plural and for all kind of tastes thanks to its wide variety o ...
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Asturian bean stew

The Asturian beans

Beans on low fire

Jovellanos in his diaries talked about Asturian beans, a fact that shows that since the ...
Cider: the usual drink of Asturias

Cider: the usual drink of Asturias

Cider in all moments

In this region, cider is the most popular drink because it is really refreshing so, bar ...
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