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Astures, Pelayo our King

Astures, Pelayo our King

Astures, Pelayo our King

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    The next days 13, 14 and 15 of September Cangas de Onís lives the party up and down Astures, Pelayo our King, in its third edition.
    In various scenarios of the town, warrior camps are installed, in the San Antonio Robledal there are struggles on foot and on horseback and, as a climax, the proclamation of Pelayo as King of the Astures is interpreted in the Roman Bridge.
    The City Council encourages all businesses to decorate their establishments with motifs related to King Pelayo and the origin of the Kingdom of Asturias, and even that the business personnel be dressed in clothing typical of the XNUMXth century. All this to create a great atmosphere in the celebration of the party.

    For any additional information you can contact the City of Cangas de Onís on the phone 985 84 80 43.
    When we have the programming we will publish all the details.

    Photo by infocangasdeonis.com

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