Antroxu Asturias 2014: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés ...

Antroxu Asturias 2014: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés ...

Don Carnal is coming another year. We detail here the programming of the activities, contests, parades ... and others in the three main cities of Asturias to enjoy the antroxu to the fullest.

Antroxu in Xixon 28 from February to 4 in March

XXII Children's Costume Contest
The 2 March 2014 Sunday will be held at the Jovellanos Theater at 16: 30 hours.
Registration: the same Sunday 2 of March, from the 15: 00 h. at the main entrance of the Jovellanos Theater.

XXVII Contest of Charangas
It will take place on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 March at the Jovellanos Theater, from the 19: 00 h.
And in the Antroxu Parade on Monday 3 March, from the 19: 00 h.
Registration from 28 November from 2013 to 5 from February from 2014 to 14: 00h.
Last day to deliver the letters on February 20.
Ticket sales from Thursday 27 from February to the 9: 30 hours at the Jovellenos Theater Ticket Office (Entrance: 3 € Maximum 4 tickets per person).

XXVI Carriage Competition
It will take place in the Antroxu Parade on Monday 3 March, from the 19: 00 h.
Registrations from the 28 of November of 2013 to 13 of February of 2014 of 12: 00 has 14: 00 h 18: 00 has 19: 30 h.
Platform request from December 17 to 10: 00 h to December 20. (No. 6 platforms) 16 will be delivered in January.

XX Children's Parade (Groups)
It will be held on Saturday 1 March at the Jovellanos Theater from the 12: 00 h. in its stage stage (5 min. per group), and on Sunday 2 march parade through the streets near the Jovellanos Theater, from the 12.30 h.
Registrations from the November 28 to the 17 of February of 18: 00h to 19: 30 h. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Organize: QUIQUILIMON.
Tickets for Saturday will be delivered at the Jovellanos Theater box office on Friday 28 in February from the 12: 00horas. (Maximum 2 per person).
The organization will deliver 1 entry per child and 1 per monitor / teacher.

All the inscriptions will be formalized in the offices of the Jovellanos Theater in the Casa de La Palmera, c / Cabrales 82.

Antroxu in Oviedo on March 7 and 8 days

Among the novelties of this year the change of representation of the Burial of the Sardine in the square of the Cathedral, which on this occasion and under the name of "Voluminaires", will be a circus performance, acrobatics and street theater, in charge of the "Ale Hop" company as a closing party.

Children's costume contest
It will take place at the Children's Palace on Friday 7 of March, starting at 19.00 h. All those children with ages between 0 and 14 years can participate. Adults who accompany or assist children can not be disguised. There will be three modalities: individual, couples and groups.

Adult costume contest
It will be held on Saturday 8 March, from the 18.00 h in the parade that will depart from the Renfe Slab, continue via Marquina Viaduct, Independence, Uría, San Francisco and Porlier ... concluding with the decision of the Jury in the Plaza de la Cathedral. The modalities are: individual; couples; groups, brass bands and fanfares; collective Social Centers of Oviedo, for groups with a minimum of 10 people and belonging to the Municipal Network of Social Centers of Oviedo.

"Disguise your local" contest
· Store Showcases of Commercial Establishments.
Store windows should be displayed at least from day 3 to March 9 and will have lighting during normal business hours. The number of the participation number must be visible. The following aspects will be taken into account: originality, innovation, quality and exposure of the product itself. The ruling will be announced on March 5.

· Hotel establishments.
The jury will visit the hotel establishments on Friday 7 from the 20.00 and the ruling will be made public on Saturday 8, after the competitions in the Plaza de la Catedral.

Antroxu in Avilés from 26 from February to 4 in March

The Avrosino Antroxu is a Festival of Tourist Interest, it is one of the most popular, extensive and participative events of the Asturian carnival calendar and this year 2014 will be dedicated to the Stone Age.
The most important events will be the Friday 28 with the Desfile D'Escolinos Antroxáos, with more than 600 students from all the schools of Avilés and, of course, the famous fluvial descent of Galiana, on Saturday 1 of March, for which many clubs are already building their gadgets.

The festive program is completed with gastronomic proposals as several restaurants will offer the "anthroxu menus" based on Asturian pot, gochu companion, beans and soot.

coordinates Latitude: 43.3623581 Length: -5.8442283

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