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Amagüestos Asturias 2017

Amagüestos Asturias 2017

Of ciders and chestnuts ...

Amagüestos Asturias 2017

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    The amagüestu is a popular event that unites the Asturians around the Sweet seasonal cider and chestnuts. An event that is repeated throughout the Asturian geography, in chigres, streets and town squares, and serves as an excuse to gather gangs of friends, groups, associations, families or neighbors. Drinking freshly «cider» cider and eating «Asades chestnuts»  just after going  «To the gueta» (act of browning chestnuts), the taste of the amagüestos manages to be doubly genuine.

    From now on, culin after culinYou can also get more food, music and dancing. The meeting then becomes an ideal moment for the exaltation of friendship.

    Magic night and Festival esfoyón and amagüestu in Navelgas

    · Saturday November 11, Navelgas, Tineo
    Festival declared of Tourist Interest by the Principality of Asturias
    , the Esfoyón begins at dusk, starting at 20: 30 h., in the neighborhood of Navelgas de Arriba.
    For the occasion the neighbors dress in old clothes and the different Cultural Associations are in charge of making frixuelos, chestnuts, corn cakes, preñaos buns ... The younger ones distribute the garutsa (homemade cherries anise and pomace), black coffee and cider freshly made sleep.

    Amagüestu in Santolaya

    · 11: 00 h. Sunday 12 November, Cabranes
    There will be amagüestu and sweet cider, animated by the Son de La Nortiada. Seed workshop Nengo-Dango.
    Every second Sunday of the month there is a market for local products and 2ª hand in the town of Santolaya, from 11 to 15 h.

    Amagüestu in Oviedo

    · 12: 00 h. Sunday November 12, Gascona Street
    They will roast more than a ton of chestnuts and with each cone they give free sweet cider. The price of the cone is 4 €. The event will be enlivened by the Bandina "Los Gascones".
    Also from the 9 to the 12 this month there will be Gastronomic Days of the chestnut and the cider of Duernu in the Bulevar de la Sidra.

    · Sunday 10 of December, Plaza Porlier
    The Protective Society of Balesquida organizes this event.

    Amagüestos in Gijón

    · Friday 1o November, Cimadevilla
    At 19: 00 hours, at Casa del Chino.
    Performance Choir of Voices of Cimadevilla and Chorus of Gigia Women.

    · Sunday November 12, Town of Asturias
    The Asturies ConBici Association organizes a cyclist and an amagüestu.
    The concentration will be from the 11: 15 h. at the social premises of Asturies ConBici, C / Puerto Cerredo 1. The cyclist will start at 11: 30 h.
    The amagüestu will take place in the Tendayu of the Town of Asturias.
    They can go all the people, partners or not, who want and who want to have a good time celebrating the fall. It is not mandatory to sign up previously and it is a free activity. The association will bring sweet cider and everything necessary to have roasted chestnuts. The participants can take their glass or bottle to drink the sweet cider, so as not to generate waste. It is suggested to bring food to share (tortillas, boiled eggs, empanadas, casadielles ...).
    There will be collective games such as balls, ropes, fresbees, indiacas ... to spend the afternoon.

    Amagüestu in Ribadesella

    · Saturday November 18, Plaza de Abastos
    18: 30 h. Activities for children
    19: 30 h. Dance workshop with El Corveru
    20: 30 h. Cast of chestnuts and sweet cider

    There will be a recipe contest with chestnut and music with Rigu, Paul and Rober.
    Organized by Entaína Ribadesella and collaborated by BG de Ribeseya, Grupo El Corveru and Amigos de Ribadesella.

    Amagüestu in Cudillero

    · Saturday November's 25, La Treme recreational area
    The Neighborhood Association "San Salvador" of Valdredo organizes it, it will be held at the 16: 30 hours, and there will be free tasting of chestnuts and sweet cider, homemade dessert contest where anyone who wishes can participate with a prize for the best, games traditional, music, karaoke, raffles ... To sign up for the amagüestu and participate in the dessert contest, you must contact 20 in November on the 667 56 96 10 phone before Monday.

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