Meeting of traditional Arangas music

Meeting of traditional Arangas music
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Arangas, capital of Asturianía
The Cabraliego people call for the sixth edition of the «Traditional music meeting» for the 26 day in January, on the occasion of the San Pablo festivities.

With the celebration of sixth edition of «Traditional music meeting» this town of Cabrales will once again become the capital of Asturianía. Singers, groups and bands from all over the region will participate in this edition. The event will begin at ten o'clock at night and will be the central act of the San Pablo festivities, which were recovered five years ago by the neighbors.
These rescued in 2008 from oblivion the celebrations of San Pablo, that back in the 70 years of the last century had been extinguished. The resurgence came from the hand of «Alcuentru de música tradicional», which benefited both the students of the local bagpipe school, later turned into the "Picos de Europa" bagpipes band, and the knowledge of good friends of folklore. Asturian: members of the groups «Xeitu» of Oviedo and «Principáu» of Lugones and the tambourines «Dulcamara».

The event has been consolidated to become an unmissable event in the month of January in the region. The celebrations of San Pablo They will begin at eleven in the morning with a parade with bagpipers and dancers, mass will be celebrated at one o'clock in the afternoon in the church of the saint to whom the holiday is due, this is located next to an imposing yew of five meters in diameter . Then there will be a vermouth session in the square.

There will be a popular spot at 9 that night and the 10 will start the music. Participants: "Picos de Europa" bagpipes band, Marisa Valle Roso, Héctor Braga, Anabel Santiago, Fernando Valle Roso, Pablo Carrera, "Grupu Tradicional Xeitu", "Grupo Principado" and "La Bandina'l Bache".

Bagpiper photo: Arnaud Späni

coordinates Latitude: 43.3269920 Length: -4.7992620

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