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Prince 2011 Awards Agenda

Prince 2011 Awards Agenda

Prince 2011 Awards Agenda
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    The winners of the "Prince of Asturias" awards 2011 will be in Asturias practically all this week, starring in various events linked to culture and science, and others of solidarity and institutional character.
    It is known that this year Leonard Cohen will read a text in the Campoamor and it is expected to be a speech full of emotions and sensitivity, as befits the Canadian poet / singer, who will have tributes in Oviedo and Gijón, we can also contemplate his exhibition of prints. Cohen will thus fulfill the tradition that the prize "Prince of Letters" share his reflections on the stage of Campoamor.

    Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts 2011
    Riccardo Muti

    Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences 2011
    Howard Gardner

    Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2011
    The Royal Society

    Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research 2011
    Joseph Altman, Arturo Álvarez-Buylla and Giacomo Rizzolatti

    Prince of Asturias Award for Letters 2011
    Leonard Cohen

    Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation 2011
    Bill Drayton

    Prince of Asturias Award for Sports 2011
    Haile Gebrselassie

    Prince of Asturias Award for Concord 2011
    The heroes of Fukushima

    El Monday October 12: the exhibition «Transactions. Spain in the Royal Society ", there will be an official ceremony on Wednesday in the library of the historic building of the University, half an hour later there will be a scientific meeting with Sir Paul Nurse, the president of the Royal Society, who will share a table with Rafael Rodrigo, president of CSIC. César Nombela, member of the jury, will be the moderator.

    El Tuesday October 18:
    Howard Gardner will have the first contact with the public tomorrow in Avilés. The prize "Prince of Asturias" of Social Sciences will maintain a colloquium with Eduard Punset in which also the speech therapist Jorge Ruiz, of "Maldita Nerea" will participate.

    El Wednesday October 19:
    At 19,00 hours, official opening of the exhibition "Transactions. Spain in the history of the Royal Society ". The organization of the exhibition has had the collaboration of: The Royal Society, the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, the Cajal-CSIC Institute, the National Geographic Institute, the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, the National Science Museum Naturales-CSIC, the Royal Academy of Medicine of Seville, the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, Juan Fernández Santarén, Antonio García Bellido and the heirs of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Library of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo.

    Homage in the auditorium of the University of Oviedo to a generation of Asturian musicians raised on that campus and Leonard Cohen, taking advantage of the author's visit to receive the prize "Prince of Asturias" of Letters. The University joins the acts of recognition of the musician and writer, who will also be "sung" at the Jovellanos theater in Gijón.
    In this concert, which begins at 21: 30 hours, will act unequivocal Asturian references, such as Nacho Vegas, Xabel Vegas, Montse Alvarez, Roberto Nicieza, Igor Paskual and Alicia Alvarez, among others. Free entry, after withdrawal of invitation, starting on Thursday, in the university store (interior portico of the historic building).

    El Thursday October 20:
    At the 12,30 hours, inauguration of the exhibition of engravings by Leonard Cohen, under the title "Leonard Cohen. The face B. Drawings and engravings of a multidisciplinary artist ". You can visit it until November 13 day. Aulario A., Humanities Campus of the University of Oviedo.

    At the 20,00 hours the Princes will close the Music Week, it will be a concert under the direction of Riccardo Muti and with the participation of the Youth Orchestra "Luigi Cherubini" and the choir of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, will be performed "Requiem in C minor "by Luigi Cherubini.

    El Friday October 21, ceremony of delivery of the awards in the Teatro Campoamor of Oviedo.

    El Saturday October 22 will take place the classic visit of the Princes to the town awarded as "exemplary village", this year San Tirso de Abres, where their highnesses share talk, food and traditions with the villagers.

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