Summer agenda Villlaviciosa
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We inform you about the summer agenda of the Asturian town of Villaviciosa, sports events, musicals, fairs and competitions. A full schedule to enjoy the summer.

Geography of the sea exhibition - Guillermo Simón
Exhibition hall of the José Cardín Fernández Foundation.
From the 3 of July to the 29 of August.

Juaco Vigil Exhibition
House of the Hevia. Multipurpose room.
From the 17 to the 31 of July.
Monday to Saturday from 11 to 14 hours and from 17 to 19,30 hours.
Sunday from 11 to 14 hours.

V Organ Cycle of Villaviciosa
Friday 24 of July at 20 hours.
One more year in the Church of Santa María de Valdediós, we can enjoy the wonderful organ music, by the hand of Benantzi Bilbao.
The entrance will be free, until full capacity is reached.

XXIII International Folk Festival of Villaviciosa
Saturday 25 July

On Saturday, the Grup de Balls Tradicionals de Santa Gertrudis (Ibiza), the Folkloric and Cultural Ranch Nossa Sennora Do Monte (Portugal) and the Villaviciosa Folkloric Group-Aires de Asturias (Villaviciosa - Asturias) will perform on the Town Hall Square. The parade will start at 19 hours to continue the dances from the 20 hours.

XIII Traditional Merceau of Oles
August 1 and 2 days

The two days farán llabores shows crafts crafts of: Acebache, cesteru, madreñeru, bobbin, loom, leather and ferreru.
Sabadu 1 d'Agostu
11: 00h: Entamu of the XIII Traditional Mercau d'Oles
12: 30h: Llegá d'Autoridaes y pregoneru. After the inauguration of the XIII Traditional Mercau to Anguilla de Andecha of traditional culture the Deva

13: 00h: Reading the cry
Darréu the sounds of the bagpipe and the drum
17: 00h: Torneu-Exhibition of quadrilateral bowling, tail participation of the best Asturian players
18: 30h: VII Popular Contest of Cider Mufflers (Sponsored by Sidre El Gobernador)

Domingu 2 d'Agostu
11: 00h: Entamu del Mercáu
Allegrarán tola tomorrow the sounds of La Bandina Les Campes
11: 30h: Competition of tiru with gomeru pa professionals and amateurs. Organize Peña Gijonesa de tiru with Gomeru
12: 30h: Traditional Bailes to cargu del grupu Folcloricu Aires d'Asturias de Villaviciosa
13: 00: Homenaxe of the Association of Neighbors of Oles to the countrywoman and the countryman more vieyos of the pueblu
17: 30h: Show of dressage and mastery of horses with: "The Magic of the Horse"
20: 00h: Monologues to charge of "The Master and the Pravianu"
20: 30h: Cantares Asturianos to cargu of Ismael Tomás and Anabel Santiago, Asturian song champions accompanying them with the Gavião del Pravianu
21: 30h: Preslle of the XIII Traditional Mercau d'Oles
During the two days there will be bicycle rides to get to know the most beautiful places in the town
Tol weekend typical representations d'escenes Asturian with a touch of humor
There will also be a winch to kill the headquarters and fartucase abondu.
Esti Mercau traditional ta dedicau to the conceyu of Llanes

Romanesque bus José Cardín Foundation
Tour through the Romanesque landscape of Villaviciosa.
Departure from the José Cardín Fernández Foundation at 10.30 hours.
Dates: 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 for August.

XXXV Painting Contest - Puertu de Tazones
Sunday 2 August

From the 10 in the morning to the 5 in the afternoon. The awards ceremony will take place on the same day at the 7 in the afternoon.

XVI Mercau Maliayu
4 y 5 August

Plaza José Caveda and Nava el Ancho

Tuesday 4 of August:
12: 30 h. Opening of the XVI Mercau Maliayu
Cancios de Chigre
19: 00 h. Exhibition Arab Dance Group and priental "Rosas del desierto"
20: 00 h. Performance of the Coral Chapel of the Torre de Villaviciosa
20: 45 h. Performance of the Band of Music of Villaviciosa
1 Raffle Draw

Wednesday 5 of August:
11: 00 h. Opening of the XVI Mercau
12: 30 h. Regional Dance "Xanines" Folk Group of Quintes
Cancios de Chigre
20: 00 h. Regional Dance Folk Group "Villaviciosa Aires de Asturias"
21: 00 h. Performance of the Bagpipe Band "El Gaitero" of Villaviciosa
2º Draw Raffle

They are waiting for you with preppy bowls, empanadas, homemade desserts, cider and much more ...

IX Ria de Villaviciosa International Regatta
August 9 Sunday at El Puntal Marina, at 16: 00 hours.

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