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Cangas Aventura is an establishment registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: TA099
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CANGAS AVENTURA is one of the pioneering companies of Active Tourism in Asturias.

We start our activities in the 1994 year with the aim of making leisure and sports compatible, always in an environment that is fun and rewarding for our customers.

The constant improvement of our facilities, the continuous training and specialization of our monitors, together with the diversity of activities we offer, makes those who know us recognize us as the leading Active Tourism company in eastern Asturias.

Our innovative zeal has made it possible for you to enjoy the first and only Adventure Park of the Principality of Asturias. Our experience and personalized attention are your guarantee.

We will receive you at Avda. Covadonga, 17 - Cangas de Onis and on the pier Ribadesella.

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Different elements such as Mono Bridges, Tirolinas, Tarzan Lianas, Flying Trapezes, Tibetan Bridges ... make up a path suspended between the trees. It is an activity that allows a direct contact with Nature.

You will test your skills, your supposed value, your sense of balance, your coordination of movements, your control in situations that apparently involve some risk ...

Descent of the Sella

Cangas de Onís (we are just behind the gas station) we have the perfect starting point to start our adventure on the Sella river. Click on the following link to locate our facilities in LA DEHESA.

Our clients have at their disposal free parking, lockers, showers, changing rooms, ...

Just arrive, park the car comfortably and enjoy your descent of the Sella.


The coasteering is to progress through the stones of the coastal cliffs saving the difficulties that can be found, using different progression techniques such as walking, swimming, jumping ..., in some cases we will use alpine techniques such as rappelling, handrails, zip lines etc.

Aquatic bikes

We will take you to marine caves impossible to see and know in any other way. We will know the most spectacular places of the COSTA DE LOS DINOSAURIOS.

The tour is one hour long.

Speleology: An exciting activity that consists of going into natural caves, without any type of adaptation for tourist use, with the only help of an electric or carbide artificial light.

Paintball: A really fun and exciting activity, where the adrenaline rush is fundamental. Ideal team game for people who love nature and free spaces.

Quads: The routes we offer run around Cangas de Onís. You will drive on dirt tracks, narrow trails, ford rivers, trialeras and areas that only these types of vehicles have access to.

Canyoning: The descent of canyons or ravines by Asturias, with its high component of adventure, is a continuous challenge that reveals new motor patterns and progression techniques and, all this, in a privileged natural environment that very few people have the pleasure of knowing and enjoy.

Rafting: It consists of the descent in pneumatic boats, from the upper part of the river, overcoming the different slopes that the route presents. These boats, with a maximum capacity of 8 seats, will be manned by our clients accompanied by a guide or rafter that manages the boat and gives the guidelines to each participant so that with the paddle or paddle, of a leaf, that each of them carries, they are able to direct and drive the boat, also helping with the strength of the river.

We also organize study trips, bachelor parties, getaways ...

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    An exemplary company. We did with them the descent of the Sella and everything went exceptionally well. we will be back. A greeting-

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