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Activities in the CAR Tito Bustillo

Activities in the CAR Tito Bustillo

Activities in the CAR Tito Bustillo

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    This August the Tito Bustillo Art Center in Ribadesella is full of activities: cinema, theater, workshops ...

    Outdoor summer cinema
    Enjoy Friday nights with our free outdoor cinema, on the Terrace-Viewpoint at 22.00 hours.

    August 1: Croods.
    22 of August: Tadeo Jones.
    29 for August: 10.000.

    Pocket theater
    The representations will be in different spaces of the Center with several passes. The works represented will be: Romeo and Juliet, La cueva de Bernarda and Prehistoric Humor.

    1 representation: General 6 €. Reduced 5 €.
    2 representations: General 10 €. Reduced 9 €.
    3 representations: General 14 €. Reduced 12 €.
    Reduced: from 4 to 12 years and members of the Club Cultura Asturias. Special prices for more than one representation are valid if the locations are purchased for the same day.
    Limited places. Prior reservation is recommended on the 985 185 860 / 902 306 600 telephones.

    Exhibition «The Thirteen of El Sidrón»
    Learn all the secrets of the Neanderthals our exhibition "The 13 of the Sidrón" and complete your experience thanks to the special workshops of August and guided tours.

    Schedule: From the 1 of July to the 14 of September:
    From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10: 00 to 19: 00 h. uninterrupted.
    Monday and Tuesday closed, except the September 8. August 9 and 10 closed.

    15 28 from September to:
    From Wednesday to Friday, from 10: 00 to 14: 30 and from 15: 30 to 18: 00 h.
    Weekends and holidays, from 10: 00 to 14: 30 and from 16: 30 to 19: 00 h.

    August Workshops

    From Wednesday to Sunday in August.
    Children's workshop Ways of life: at 12:00 h. Get in touch with Prehistory to learn about the habits of our ancestors: how they lived, what they ate, how they painted ... For children from 4 to 11 years old.

    Workshop «The secret 13 of El Sidrón»: at the 12: 00 h. Discover some of the most surprising curiosities of the "13" Neanderthales Piñoleses. What would your face look like if these hominids had taken our place? Did you know that your teeth tell everything about you ..? and of them of course! Through observation of the binocular loupe of modern dental pieces, we will learn to interpret the "diary" of our teeth. We will experiment obtaining DNA samples. Once analyzed the differences between Sapiens and Neanderthal, we will obtain a "curious" portrait of yourself turned into Neanderthal with the help of a computer program. For all audiences.

    Workshops for all audiences: at 13:00 p.m. and 17:00 p.m. Hunting, fishing, painting or fire workshops to learn a little more about life in the caves of our ancestors.

    Price: 1,50 €
    For an individual public, no prior reservation is required.
    For groups of more than 20 people, from Wednesday to Friday, upon reservation in the 902 306 600 or 985 185 860.

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